List of Jack Abramoff-related Organizations - 1990s - Present


  • Aeneas Enterprises: Consulting firm founded by Jack Abramoff's brother which received payments from GrassRoots Interactive and did business with Tyco International and International Interactive Alliance.
  • Alexander Strategy Group: Lobbying firm founded by Ed Buckham involved in the K Street Project that coordinated with Jack Abramoff and employed Tom DeLay's wife, John Doolittle's wife, and Tony Rudy.
  • American International Center: Front organization run by Michael Scanlon.
  • Americans for Tax Reform: Grover Norquist organization that received donations from Abramoff's clients
  • Archives Restaurant: Short-lived kosher restaurant started by Abramoff, incorporated March 18, 2002.
  • Atlantic Research Analysis: Michael Scanlon organization, pass-through for Capitol Campaign Strategies.
  • Beis Avrohom Chaim: Company founded by Abramoff to run Eshkol Academy and acquire real estate for the school.
  • Capital Athletic Foundation: Non-profit organization, incorporated by Abramoff July 8, 1999.
  • Capitol Campaign Strategies: Public relations firm run by Michael Scanlon, incorporated January 12, 2001.
  • Capitol Media: Grassroots/political consulting firm owned or controlled by Ralph Reed

  • Cassidy & Associates: Lobbying firm for which Abramoff worked.
  • Century Strategies: A grassroots/political consulting firm owned or controlled by Ralph Reed
  • Christian Research Network: A fictitious grassroots organization controlled by Michael Scanlon.
  • Concerned Citizens Against Gaming Expansion: A fictitious grassroots organization controlled by Michael Scanlon.
  • Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy (CREA):an environmental non-profit organization to or through which Abramoff or Scanlon directed their tribal clients to pay money
  • Eshkol Academy: Non-profit school founded by Abramoff.
  • Federal Program Services: Consulting company founded in 2002 by Sam Hook, an Abramoff associate.
  • Global Christian Outreach Network: A fictitious grassroots organization controlled by Michael Scanlon.
  • Greenberg Traurig: Lobbying firm that employed Abramoff.
  • GrassRoots Interactive: Lobbying firm sold to Abramoff in September 2003.
  • KAR LLC: Front organization, run by Team Abramoff lobbyist Kevin A. Ring, which received money by GrassRoots Interactive and Capitol Campaign Strategies
  • Kay Gold LLC: Abramoff family company which received millions of dollars from Capitol Campaign Strategies, GrassRoots International, and the American international Center.
  • Kollel Ohel Tiferet: Entity used by Abramoff to send money to Shmuel Ben-Zvi, his high-school friend in Israel.
  • Lexington Group: a company owned or controlled by Abramoff that performed lobbying-type services
  • Liberty Consulting: Front organization run by Lisa Rudy, wife of Tony Rudy, DeLay chief-of-staff and Team Abramoff lobbyist.
  • Livsar Enterprises: Front organization used as the official owner of Signatures Restaurant, funded by Capitol Campaign Strategies.
  • National Center for Public Policy Research: Conservative think tank, Abramoff was on the board of directors.
  • Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds LLP: Lobbying firm that employed Abramoff.
  • Scanlon Capitol Management, LLC: Controlled by Scanlon, used to invest money.
  • Scanlon Gould Public Affairs: Political consulting firm controlled by Scanlon, secretly paid money to Abramoff.
  • Scanlon Venture Capital: Controlled by Scanlon, used to invest money.
  • Signatures Restaurant: Washington, D.C. restaurant started by Abramoff.
  • Sports Suites LLC: Firm created by Abramoff to handle billing for use of skyboxes at MCI Center, Camden Yards, and FedEx Field.
  • Stacks Delicatessen: New York-style kosher deli started by Abramoff.
  • SunCruz Casinos: An off-shore casino purchased by Abramoff, Adam Kidan, and Ben Waldman, then divested after bankruptcy
  • Torah School of Greater Washington: K-6 Orthodox Jewish school Abramoff helped found in the early 1990s.
  • Toward Tradition: Non-profit organization directed by Abramoff.
  • U.S. Family Network: Charitable organization founded by Ed Buckham that received money from Abramoff's lobbying clients and the NRCC

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