List of Highways Numbered 34 - United States

United States

  • U.S. Route 34
  • Alabama State Route 34
  • California State Route 34
  • Connecticut Route 34
  • Delaware Route 34
  • Georgia State Route 34
  • Idaho State Highway 34
  • Illinois Route 34
  • Indiana State Road 34 (former)
  • K-34 (Kansas highway)
  • Kentucky Route 34
  • Louisiana Highway 34
  • Maryland Route 34
  • M-34 (Michigan highway)
  • Minnesota State Highway 34
  • Missouri Route 34
  • Nebraska Highway 34 (former)
  • Nevada State Route 34 (former)
    • Nevada State Route 34A (former)
  • New Jersey Route 34
  • New Mexico State Road 34
  • New York State Route 34
  • North Carolina Highway 34
  • North Dakota Highway 34
  • Ohio State Route 34
  • Oklahoma State Highway 34
    • Oklahoma State Highway 34A
    • Oklahoma State Highway 34B
    • Oklahoma State Highway 34C
  • Oregon Route 34
  • Pennsylvania Route 34
  • South Carolina Highway 34
  • South Dakota Highway 34
  • Tennessee State Route 34
  • Texas State Highway 34
    • Texas State Highway Loop 34
    • Texas Farm to Market Road 34
    • Texas Park Road 34
  • Utah State Route 34
  • Virginia State Route 34
  • West Virginia Route 34
  • Wisconsin Highway 34
  • Wyoming Highway 34

Other areas:

  • Puerto Rico Highway 34
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