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The Engineer is a character in the film Hellraiser. A demon which prowls the corridors of Hell, the Engineer resembles an amalgamation of various animals. The Engineer first appears to chase Kirsty Cotton out of Hell when she solves the Lament Configuration puzzle box in her hospital room. Later, after Kirsty banishes the Cenobites back to Hell and attempts to escape her rapidly decaying house, the Engineer appears again. Grappling with Kirsty and her boyfriend Steve as they attempt to reclaim the Lament Configuration, the Engineer is banished back to Hell when Kirsty manages to grab the puzzle box and solves it.

The Engineer was to appear in Hellbound: Hellraiser II, but was removed completely. However, the character can still be briefly seen through an editing error at the end of Hellbound, as Kirsty and Tiffany flee the Labyrinth racing for the closing gate as souls flee all around them. Only the Engineer, and the souls fleeing, are visible in the orphaned shot (interlaced with shots of Kirsty and Tiffany fleeing), which takes place just as Leviathan begins to transform into a puzzle box. The orphaned shot remains in the stand alone DVD released in Region 1.

In Hellraiser: Inferno, another being called the Engineer appears, a faceless and near-mythic criminal played by Ray Miceli. When a detective named Joseph Thorne begins hunting for it and the child it has presumably kidnapped, the Engineer continually taunts the detective, systematically killing the man's friends and loved ones while leaving a child's finger at all the crime scenes. When it is revealed to Joseph by Pinhead that the detective has been in Hell ever since he solved the Lament Configuration, Pinhead also reveals that the Engineer is Joseph's "flesh", the embodiment of his carnal desires which have doomed his soul to repeat the same sequence of events for all eternity.

The Engineer is referenced to in Hellraiser: Hellworld as an enemy in the online computer game Hellworld; later in the film, when the characters begin to question whether they are actually in Hell, one of them sarcastically asks "Where are the Engineers?"

The version of the Engineer from the first Hellraiser film made only one appearance in the Epic comic series, in the seventh issue of the Clive Barker's Hellraiser anthology series. In the story "Under the Knife", the Engineer, along with several Cenobites, is summoned via the puzzle known as The Heart of Damnation and, shortly after being summoned, is returned to Hell when the puzzle is damaged.

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