List of Garage Rock and Psychedelic Rock Compilation Albums

List Of Garage Rock And Psychedelic Rock Compilation Albums

This is a list of compilation albums featuring recordings entirely or mostly in the garage rock and psychedelic rock genres of rock music. For the most part, the recordings that are compiled on these albums were originally released in the mid-1960s and into the 1970s. In order to encompass the musical forms that are included in the Pebbles series, the list includes compilations of British and European recordings in the same general style (although the terms utilized in these cases include "Nederpop", "freakbeat", "mod", "beat" and others).

The Nuggets and Pebbles albums were the pioneering series, so they are listed first, followed by the remainder in alphabetical order. "Pebbles" is a takeoff on the name "Nuggets" (which may itself be based upon "rock" music), and this is true of many of the other series, particularly the older ones: Boulders series, Rubble series, Rough Diamonds series, Digging for Gold series, Hearts of Stone series, and a new one, Gravel series.

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