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May Chang

May Chang (メイ・チャン, Mei Chan?) is the seventeenth princess of Xing who represents the Chang clan. Unlike Lin Yao, she comes to Amestris without any bodyguards, only having her small pet panda, Xiao Mei (シャオメイ, Shao Mei?, "Shao May" in the anime) that had gotten a disease to keep her from growing, keeping her small, to keep her company. May is particularly skilled in alkahestry (錬丹術, rentanjutsu?), a technique developed in Xing chiefly for medical purposes, but very similar to alchemy; by using throwing knives (鏢, hyō?) to create two transmutation circles, one at her intended target and one near herself, she can manipulate matter at a distance. She is somewhat imaginative in nature; when first hearing of Edward Elric's alchemical skills, she pictures him as a tall, handsome young man. When this is proven to be false upon actually meeting him, she proclaims that he intentionally misled her, and later falls in love with Alphonse Elric, also picturing his real form as a handsome man. Soon after arriving in Amestris on her search for immortality, May teams up with Scar, assisting him on his travels. For a time, she also unknowingly fights the Elric brothers before eventually teaming up with them as well to fight the homunculi in hope of finding the way to obtain immortality. After Father's defeat, she returns to Xing alongside Lin and Lan Fan. Her Japanese voice actress is Mai Goto and her English voice actress is Monica Rial.ep.15

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