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Mr. and Mrs. Yarby - The Juicy-O company president and wife, from Chicago - Warren's former client. They stayed at the Hatchers' apartment at one point, which resulted in Fudge unknowingly causing trouble with them. This leads to the Yarbys becoming furious with the family and taking away Warren's Juicy-O account. Although Mrs. Hatcher is worried that Fudge cost her husband a big account, Mr. Hatcher is not concerned as Juicy-O had poor sales in stores.

Mr. George Vincent - The president of the Toddle Bike company. He chooses Fudge to star in the new commercial for his product, but gets furious when Fudge does not act on cue. Mr. Vincent is almost always seen smoking a big cigar.

Janet - Warren's gorgeous secretary. She usually carries around a purse with beauty supplies, Goldfish crackers and Oreo cookies. She kisses Peter for convincing Fudge to complete the commercial, but Peter secretly feels her kisses are too wet.

Marty - Marty is Sheila's swim teacher in Tarrytown. At first he has a bit of trouble working with Sheila due to her fear of water, and Sheila seems to grow a grudge against him, but all that changes once she is finally honest with him, and eventually when Sheila manages to perfectly pass her swimming test. Because Sheila is so used to seeing him in a bathing suit, she initially didn't recognize him wearing regular clothes when he was invited to the Tubman's "Farewell to Tarrytown" party.

Mr. Bogner- Peter and Alex's sixth-grade teacher. Peter is quick to learn that Mr. Bogner isn't dumb as some of his past teachers were.

Mr. Green - The mustached school principal. During an assembly with author Brian Tumkin illustrating a picture of a person Fudge knows, Fudge chooses Mr. Green, who appreciates the drawing and hangs it in his office.

Mrs. Hildebrandt - Fudge's first kindergarten teacher, who he calls "Rat Face" (with which Peter apparently doesn't disagree). According to Fudge, she is mean, wouldn't let him play with the round blocks, and wouldn't call him Fudge, so he had to kick her and climb on top of the cabinets. After he moves to the other kindergarten, Mrs. Hildebrandt frequently calls him Farley at every opportunity. When he leaves her kindergarten, she says to him "Goodbye, Farley Drexel", and when she meets Uncle Feather she says "What a beautiful bird Farley has". When Fudge tells her that Uncle Feather speaks French, Mrs. Hildebrandt who also speaks French says to him, "Parlez-vous Francais?" Uncle Feather replies, "Bonjour, stupid!" Fudge does not kick her in the TV series.

Ms. Ziff - Fudge's second kindergarten teacher. She is very nice and is reading "An Anteater Named Arthur" when Fudge arrives and he is impressed, since he is a fan of the book.

Brian Tumkin - A famous author that Fudge likes and gets to meet him at a school assembly. When Fudge gets called up Brian tells Fudge to tell him how to draw a person which he calls Chalk Talk. The person ends up being Mr. Green, who is pleased by the results.

Isobel - Gorgeous teenage library assistant that Peter meets on holiday in Maine, and develops a serious crush on. Her nickname is Izzy. When Fudge asks Peter what's wrong, Peter admits that Isobel makes him feel dizzy. Fudge later tells that to Jimmy and Sheila. Jimmy doesn't share Peter's affection for Isobel, and Peter loses his spark for her when she doesn't pick him for her team at the ball game. Isobel also persuades Fudge to write an autobiography of himself, entitled "Tell Me A Fudge", after he discovers his friend Mitzi has a book about herself, "Tell Me A Mitzi". Fudge, however, only writes the chapter titles.

Bicycle Bob - Bicycle repair salesman who acts as mentor to the children. When Peter accidentally swallows a fly, Bicycle Bob welcomes him to the ISAF club (I Swallowed a Fly) and recommends vanilla ice cream. According to Judy Blume, he is a real person whom she met one summer and he did own a bike shop.

"When in Rome" -A woman who Peter meets and calls "When in Rome" at Big's Baseball Game because she had quoted the old "When in Rome" phrase. She also appears at Muriel and Buzzy Senior's wedding, as the Justice of the Peace. She calls Peter "Junior."

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