List of Experimental Aircraft - United Kingdom

United Kingdom

  • Armstrong Whitworth Ape – aerodynamic test vehicle
  • Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52
  • Avro 707 – aerodynamic proof of concept for Avro Vulcan bomber
  • Avro Ashton – experimental jet transport
  • Baynes Bat experimental glider
  • Blackburn B-20
  • Boulton Paul P.6 – used for wing research
  • Boulton Paul P.92 – half scale proof of concept
  • Boulton Paul P.111
  • Boulton Paul P.120
  • Bristol Type 138 – high altitude research aircraft
  • Bristol 188
  • British Aerospace EAP – technology demonstrator
  • Cierva W.9 experimental helicopter
  • de Havilland DH 108 Swallow – swept wing tailless transsonic research aircraft
  • BAC 221 – modified fairey Delta 2 for high speed delta research
  • English Electric P1A
  • Fairey Battle – testbed for a variety of engines
  • Fairey Delta 1
  • Fairey Delta 2
  • Fairey Jet Gyrodyne – jet powered rotor
  • Fairey Rotodyne
  • Folland Fo.108 – engine test bed
  • General Aircraft GAL.56
  • Gloster E.28/39 – early jet engine research
  • Gloster Meteor F8 "Prone Pilot" – prone position flight control research
  • Hafner A.R.III Gyroplane – experimental autogyro
  • Handley Page H.P.20 – aerodynamic slot research
  • Handley Page H.P.75 Manx – tailless flight research
  • Handley Page HP.88 – supporting development of Handley Page Victor
  • Handley Page HP.115 – low speed delta wing research
  • Hawker P.1072
  • Hawker P.1052
  • Hawker P.1127 – V/STOL fighter
  • Hillson Bi-mono – slip wing research
  • Hunting H.126 – blown flap research
  • Miles Libellula – tandem wing fighter and bomber designs
  • Miles M.3E Gillette Falcon – flight research
  • Miles M.30 – blended wing body design
  • Miles M.39B Libellula – tandem wing research
  • Miles M.52 – supersonic research
  • Parnall Parasol for wing pressure and aileron test as well as operation from submarines.
  • Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig – VTOL low speed control test rig
  • Saro Shrimp experimental flying boat
  • Short Cockle – testing metal construction techniques for aircraft hulls
  • Short Mayo Composite – tested piggyback aircraft concept
  • Short S.6 Sturgeon – testing aluminium construction techniques for aircraft
  • Short SB.1 – tailess glider for isoclininc wing research
  • Short SB5 – prove/develop wing for English Electric Lightning
  • Short SB.4 Sherpa
  • Short SC.1 – vtol research
  • Short Mussel – testing metal construction techniques for aircraft floats
  • Silent Aircraft eXperimental Design (SAX-40) Cambridge-MIT study in aircraft noise reduction through the Silent Aircraft Initiative.
  • Supermarine 508 – vee tail
  • Cierva W.9 – helicopter with anti-torque jet efflux
  • Vickers Type 618 Nene-Viking – jet engine testbed
  • Vickers Type 470 and Type 486 Wellington – Whittle jet engine testbeds
  • Vickers Type 602 Wellington Mark X – Rolls Royce Dart turboprop testbed
  • Westland-Hill Pterodactyl
  • Youngman-Baynes High Lift

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