List of Eureka Episodes - Episode List - Season 3 (2008–2009)

Season 3 (2008–2009)

Season three production was interrupted/delayed by the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, resulting in it being stretched over a much longer time than originally intended.

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26 1 "Bad to the Drone" Bryan Spicer Jaime Paglia July 29, 2008 (2008-07-29)
Success comes at a price, as several citizens of Eureka discover when the DOD sends corporate fixer Eva Thorne, reputed for completely revamping more Fortune 500 companies than anyone else, to town during an Anti-Missile test that sees the target drone named Martha threatening Eureka. Martha terrorizes the town, blowing up the Viper (a weapon that shot down all other drones like her) and stalks Carter, destroys Carter's car, and attacks Carter and Jo at the sheriff's office. They discover that Martha went from having the mindset of a toddler to the mindset of a teenager, and find out that the wife of the scientist who built her increased Martha's intelligence. At Cafe Diem Martha befriends Zoe and attacks Thorne and her escort, the suck-up (and Fargo's arch nemesis) Larry. Larry is knocked unconscious. Martha is taken to GD. Carter and Jo investigate and find a remote control device on her. They discover that Larry put the device on her so he could control her and impress Thorne. However, with her teenage mindset Martha did not care for being controlled and attacked him. At Global Dynamics Martha wakes up and releases other drones similar to her. The fleet of drones heads toward Eureka, and begin taking down the EM shield that would keep them inside of the Eureka city limits. Thorne calls in a squadron of F-16's to stop the drones just in case they escape. Carter, Stark, Fargo, and Allison think that Martha just wants room to breathe, and she feels that she cannot do that inside of the EM shield. But Martha may also be trying to prove herself as being independent and may plan world domination, which would cause World War III. So they purposefully take the EM shield down, hoping Martha will see it as an olive branch. The drones and the F-16's charge each other and Zoe (understanding what Martha is going through) talks to Martha over the radio and is able to convince her to come back to Eureka. The drones disengage and return to Global Dynamics
27 2 "What About Bob?" Fred Gerber Charlie Craig August 5, 2008 (2008-08-05)
Sheriff Jack Carter and Allison Blake investigate when a scientist mysteriously disappears from within a sealed biosphere. Meanwhile, the Corporate Fixer - Eva Thorne - attempts to make Eureka’s efforts more profitable. Carter and Allison go into the 12,000 acre Lab 27, one half mile beneath GD to search for the scientist, Bob Nobb. They find that he is de-evolving into a reptile, and so are the other 10 people who have been in Lab 27 for the past 11 years. Stark eventually comes down into the Lab to help them, and Henry (who is in prison) is hooked up with a holographic device and appears in the Lab as well. Further investigation shows that everyone is turning into reptiles, and that a scientist up at the surface wanted Bob to get sick so he used the artificial lighting to irradiate Bob's garden, hoping that Bob would just get sick, but he turned into a reptilian humanoid and everyone else is too, including Carter, Allison, and Stark. Bob escapes and grabs Allison, planning on eating her. So Carter, Stark, and holo-Henry shoot him and a cure is found. Thorne gets Henry a pardon and he returns to Eureka.
28 3 "Best in Faux" Paul Holohan Bruce Miller August 12, 2008 (2008-08-12)
It is time for Eureka's robotic dog show, and the android canines are out in force. However, when sudden mysterious earthquakes shake Eureka, Sheriff Jack Carter ends up with a pure-bred disaster on his hands. Some of the android dogs begin exploding and it is discovered that logic diamonds were inside them, the only place that logic diamonds exist is inside the GD main computer core. Eventually it is proven that a huge magma pocket is under Eureka. And that a scientist was growing logic diamonds by melting coal still inside an abandoned mine, but it also melted bed rock. The scientist then wanted to test the diamonds and put them inside the robotic dogs. Carter and Stark using a digging vehicle and dig a tunnel that allows the magma to spew out into the closest lake, but they are nearly killed in the process. Fargo wins the dog show, and Carter later learns that it is because Fargo entered a real dog.
29 4 "I Do Over" Matt Earl Beesley Thania St. John August 19, 2008 (2008-08-19)
On Allison and Stark's wedding day, Sheriff Carter finds himself stuck in a time loop, causing him to experience the same lousy day over and over again. Meanwhile, Sheriff Carter's sister, Lexi, visits Eureka. As the time distortion escalates and threatens the town and entire universe, Carter's team takes desperate measures. Carter tries everything to escape the time loop, he even takes Lexi's advice believing it is stress related and kisses Allison right before she walks down the aisle. Carter finds he is not the only one inside the time loop, but the scientist tries to fix it and dies. Stark saves the day, but sacrifices himself to do so, seeming to dematerialize.
30 5 "Show Me the Mummy" Ernest Dickerson Curtis Kheel August 26, 2008 (2008-08-26)
Sheriff Carter ends up with an accursed mess on his hands when the opening of an Ancient Egyptian tomb unleashes lethal effects on those who opened it as a swarm of Ancient Bugs are re-hydrated and reanimated. The Bugs use humans as hosts, dehydrate and eventually kill them. When they almost overrun the town, the sheriff and Global Dynamics must contain the Bugs or let Eureka fall in to the mercy of a 3000 year old plague. The only thing that kills the Bugs is extreme cold, so they lure the Bugs into the refrigerator at Cafe Diem and lower the temperature to 0 K (−273 °C; −460 °F).
31 6 "Phased and Confused" Michael Robison Nick Wauters September 9, 2008 (2008-09-09)
A mysterious "superhero" who can walk through walls and fly is causing a ruckus in Eureka. Meanwhile, Zoe and her friends are trapped in a forgotten bunker that was built before World War II. Zoe slips and falls in a mysterious substance that has far-reaching consequences. Zoe, Zane, and her friends get trapped in the bunker, and the "superhero", who was just trying to impress Lexi, is found stuck in a wall; the device that allows him to walk through walls eventually makes you decoherent. Carter puts on the device and saves Zoe, Zane, and the others. Later Allison and Henry are able to make Carter become coherent.
32 7 "Here Come the Suns" Oz Scott Jaime Paglia & Eric Wallace September 16, 2008 (2008-09-16)
It is Election Day in Eureka, but voting is the least of the town's concerns when an artificial sun threatens to go supernova. Lexi is going to have twin boys. A student at Tesla school built the sun but at the same time a man running for mayor who manipulates the clouds for advertising used a special kind of hydrogen that the sun began to burn off of. The town is evacuated and people are still complaining about who should be mayor, but Henry makes them see the bigger picture, that they need to be concerned for the town not for who runs it. Carter and Zane must turn off the cloud sculpting device, but the closer they get to the 'cloud farm' where the device is the hotter it gets, so they put on a gel that Fargo and Vincent were using to make them immune to the heat, they have a hard time finding the device because the cloud farm has been turned into steam, they find it and fire it at the sun, which goes dead. Everyone returns to town and Henry, who did not even run, is elected mayor.
33 8 "From Fear to Eternity" Eric Laneuville Thania St. John September 23, 2008 (2008-09-23)
A doomsday weapon built in the abandoned military complex is discovered, as is the secret Thorne wants to stay hidden – she's 107 years old, real name Mary Perkins, and was involved in a pre-Eureka research project that developed the first atomic bombs (using radioactive material from meteorites). Meanwhile, Jo and Zane get stuck together, literally, and Zoe's life is imperiled by the aging syndrome that killed Mary's colleagues which she got from slipping in that puddle. Allison is found to be pregnant with Nathan's child. Thorne sacrifices her only chance for a cure for her condition to save Zoe, but the radiation that caused the aging condition is released into the town. The team realizes that the scientists managed to create a cure: the doomsday bomb in the bunker was a fail-safe to neutralize the radiation if it ever got out and the scientists ran out of time to use it on themselves. The bomb is triggered and the town is saved. Meanwhile, Jo and Zane are finally freed and renew their seemingly failing relationship. After Jack lets Thorne go to find a new life as he feels she's a victim too, General Mansfield tells Carter that his services are no longer needed by the town of Eureka.
34 9 "Welcome Back Carter" Matthew Diamond Bruce Miller July 10, 2009 (2009-07-10)
Following Carter's dismissal, Fargo and General Mansfield decide to field-test a new robotic sheriff named Andy. However, the unfortunate robot seems to be the target of random gravitational anomalies which repeatedly crush him, and Carter cannot help but get involved. When Andy refuses to help due to low chances of success, Carter volunteers and gets close but fails. However, Andy, inspired by Carter's bravery disregards the odds and saves him. Working together they save the day, doing a job that neither of them could have succeeded in alone. Afterward, Andy realizes that Eureka is better off in Carter's hands and exploits a loophole in the town charter to have him reinstated stating that after calculating the odds, he believes Eureka has the best odds of survival with Carter as sheriff. At the end of the episode an alien object is detected heading straight for the town.
35 10 "Your Face or Mine?" Colin Ferguson Jaime Paglia July 17, 2009 (2009-07-17)
Carter must take the bi-annual D.O.D. re-certification test in order to remain sheriff of Eureka. The test takes 48 hours and the test is conducted completely isolated from the rest of the town. Jo fills in as active sheriff while Carter is taking the test, as well as taking care of Zoe while Carter is otherwise occupied. Allison wants to put a new security measure into effect that uses a DNA scan to grant or deny access to various points of Global Dynamics. Henry doesn’t want to install the new devices, so Jo is called in as the deciding vote. Jo decides to have the devices installed and is the first one scanned for identification, but the device malfunctions and nearly electrocutes her. When Jo comes to it is discovered that someone had stolen a critical piece of the device. Allison wants to pull Carter out of his test to have him help find the thief, but Jo insists that she can track down the thief herself. When Jo asks Henry about the missing piece of equipment, he tells her that he is also missing an important piece of equipment. Leaving Henry to ponder a possible link between the two stolen items, Jo heads for the Smart House to help Zoe with homework. Jo finds that walking a mile in Carter's shoes is proving to be a challenge, especially when Zoe wants to blow off work and go to karaoke night at Café Diem. Jo's still feeling the effects of her near-electrocution and forbids it, wanting nothing more than to sleep. Zoe uses this as an opportunity to sneak out. Jo soon catches Zoe performing at the Café. Yet instead of grounding her, Jo joins in the fun, drinking too much as she sings and flirts with Fargo. Jo ends up kissing Fargo just as Zane enters the Café. Jo insists that she's fine, but Allison and Henry worry about Jo's state of mind after she begins behaving more erratically. A third theft then occurs and the DNA scanner identifies Jo as the thief. Only Jo knows that someone is stealing her identity, gene by gene. Trapped in that person's body, Jo has to convince a skeptical Zane of her true identity.
36 11 "Insane in the P-Brane" Steve Miner Thania St. John July 24, 2009 (2009-07-24)
Several mysterious events take place after Dr. Drechmeyer is supposedly contacted by his late mother, a famed clairvoyant. He thinks that the readings on his new energy-measuring device indicate the presence of ghosts. His lab partner and ex-wife, Mary-Beth Curtis, fears his obsession will cost them their funding, but something strange is happening. Carter finds a car parked in the middle of the road, but its driver - a spirited and beautiful new arrival, Dr. Tess Fontana - denies leaving it there. Tess leaves Carter annoyed, yet intrigued. Meanwhile, Carter's sister, Lexi, enjoys her new "Invis-Apparel" maternity shirt courtesy of GD, which completely hides her pregnant tummy. It also proves useful when the twins' world-traveling father arrives in town unannounced. Lexi hides her condition, not sure that Duncan is fatherhood material, much to Zoe's disapproval. Later, at Café Diem, Carter finds a highly agitated Dr. Drechmeyer claiming the high readings he sees prove the spirits are active. Suddenly, various objects begin to fly about and Carter has to tackle Tess Fontana to keep the espresso machine from decking her. Then, to Carter's surprise, Allison arrives and greets Tess with open arms. They are old college friends and she's been brought in for a secret project. Following another energy burst, Allison admits that GD has decided to re-open Section 5 under Tess's oversight. And she wants Carter and Tess to work together to solve the paranormal activity — even though they clearly can't stand each other. When Tess gives Carter a tour, they encounter a strange device, and some odd sensations, in one of the labs. Leaving the area, they realize that no one can see or hear them. This causes them to ponder whether they are dead; however, Tess believes they've somehow crossed into another dimension. Returning to the lab, they find Dr. Johnson recovering from an unsuccessful attempt to break out. His research on inter-dimensional travel created a temporary door into the Fifth Dimension. Unless they can re-calibrate Johnson's device before Henry and Allison unknowingly shut it down from the other side, the trio could be trapped inside forever.
37 12 "It's Not Easy Being Green" Sarah Pia Anderson Curtis Kheel July 31, 2009 (2009-07-31)
Fargo, Lucas, and "The Cleaner" (and bowling champ) Big Ed Fowler, prepare their team for the bi-annual bowling competition against hated rival Toby Bismark and his team from Area 51. "Creative enhancement of odds" (cheating) is all part of the game. However, cheaters never prosper and the Eureka team members literally find themselves turning green with envy when they are dosed with gamma radiation. Meanwhile, Allison and Tess are trying to get a clear view of the distant source of a mysterious signal from space. Needing more power for the telescope, they ask Carter and Jo to confiscate all of the Globidium power cells around town. The sites that use the plutonium-like element include Café Diem and the Smart House. Making their rounds, Carter and Jo discover that someone is stealing the radioactive fuel cells. By the time Carter determines that Big Ed is the Globidium thief, there is nothing left of "The Cleaner" but a pool of green goo. It seems that Big Ed had a pet project that grew out of control. Carter and Tess find a container for Ed's radiation-devouring microorganism that is now empty. It seems the blob had Ed for lunch and has now gone out for dinner. "Team Green" would be a likely target but Duncan, returning to confront Lexi, concocts a mud bath to cure their radioactive condition. In a scene reminiscent of "Psycho", the radiation-starved blob attacks. Carter comes to the rescue, but the mutating green menace retreats down the drain and heads for Eureka's last source of Globidium — the Smart House. Zoe is safe at work but if Carter's final, desperate plan fails, Lexi and Duncan may not live to become parents.
38 13 "If You Build It…" Mike Rohl Bruce Miller August 7, 2009 (2009-08-07)
Five unfinished plasma generators made out of scrap from all over Eureka appear in the woods outside of town. Carter and Tess stake out the sight under the theory that who ever is building it will want to finish it. When night falls, all the teenagers of Eureka walk to the machines and start to augment them with new parts from town. Carter takes the teenagers (including Zoe) to the GD infirmary where when they wake up have no memory of ever building this device. When night falls the teenagers begin to try and continue building but the GD security stops them, however other members of the town have fallen under the influence including Zane and they continue the construction. Carter and Henry realize that the effected are the people of the town who's cars have been integrated into the Smart Assphalt automatic driving system. The grid is shut down and all those effected fall into a coma. However the signal from space has been discovered to be the source of the sleepwalkers and it has gotten so close to the earth that it doesn't need the Smart Assphalt system to build its device. The people of Eureka finish the machine and it creates a torrent of blue energy that shoots up into the sky. Alison prepares to shoot down the incoming ship until Fargo arrives. Fargo who was previously held hostage by his car's AI system (Tabitha) for selling her arrives on the scene to tell Alison that the device that everyone has been building is a Boson Cloud Exciter, a catcher's mitt for a Faster than Light space jump. The ship lands, Henry approaches it and scrapes some dust of the side revealing a US flag, Thus revealing that the ship is of earthly origins.
39 14 "Ship Happens" Chris Fisher Charlie Craig August 14, 2009 (2009-08-14)
Henry's 20-year-old ship project returns with more on board than it left with, and Carter thinks it may be linked to the town's deadly electrical anomalies.
40 15 "Shower the People" Stephen Surjik Thania St. John August 21, 2009 (2009-08-21)
Jack investigates the deaths of scientists who drowned in less than liquid circumstances. Meanwhile, Allison's baby shower goes green.
41 16 "You Don't Know Jack" James Head Eric Wallace August 28, 2009 (2009-08-28)
Tess is collecting memories for a time capsule while Jack and Allison are trapped inside during a sonic cleaning at Global Dynamics and the townspeople exhibit lacunar amnesia. In the end, Allison's baby is born. Although this is a clip show, it has a full plot.
42 17 "Have an Ice Day" Joe Morton Story: Joan Binder Weiss & Constance M. Burge
Teleplay: Bruce Miller & Charlie Craig
September 11, 2009 (2009-09-11)
Tess hopes her first day in charge of Global will be uneventful; the arrival of an Arctic ice core brings a new Ice Age to Eureka
43 18 "What Goes Around, Comes Around" Matt Hastings Jaime Paglia September 18, 2009 (2009-09-18)
Zoe prepares to leave for college; Tess receives a job offer in Australia; a magnetic disturbance hovers above Eureka.

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