List of Egged Bus Routes in Israel

The Egged Bus Cooperative is the largest bus company in Israel, and one of the largest in the world. It operates over 400 bus lines, including internal city lines in many of Israel's cities (in others, the Dan Bus Company, Kavim, Superbus, etc. operate the internal lines), as well as most of Israel's inter-city lines. Below is a list.

While there is no consistent numbering scheme for Egged's lines, it seems to follow a few basic rules:

  • Internal lines, and intercity lines in rural areas, are numbered below 100
  • Short inter-city and suburban lines are numbered 100–299
  • Long-distance lines are numbered 300–999, following some basic rules:
    • 300–399 is for lines that operate in the Southern District (and some northern lines)
    • 400–499 is for lines that operate in the Jerusalem District (and some northern lines)
    • 500–699 is for lines that operate in the Sharon area (and very few northern lines)
    • 700–899 is for lines that connect the North District to more southern parts of Israel
    • 900–999 is for lines that connect the Haifa District and surrounding areas to more southern parts of Israel

Each bus line is classified by Egged as 'Regular' (measef), 'Express' or 'Direct' (yashir). The word measef literally means collecting, i.e. the bus either enters each town it passes, or stops at almost each intersection along its route, which usually makes it very slow compared to express buses. Express and direct buses, are usually on long-distance routes and might travel at certain sections along the same stretch as other bus routes, but they do not stop at each intersection. On top of that, an express/direct bus is not obligated to pick up short-distance passengers and the driver cannot sell a ticket for a short ride along his route. The express/direct lines are not usually pure non-stop routes, but might have a minimal amount of stops while leaving and entering the different cities. All internal city buses are considered regular/collecting.

Many if not most of Egged's intercity bus lines originate or end in a central bus station/terminal (CBS/CBT). Tel Aviv Central Bus Station is the largest terminal in Israel, and some say the largest in the world.

As previously mentioned, some intercity lines in rural areas are numbered below 100. Those lines are included in the "internal" sections for the large city that they begin or end in. When the bus enters a new municipality, the name of the municipality is bolded.

Certain lines use armoured buses. Those lines are marked with a small tank icon .

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