List of East Enders Characters (1996) - Alistair Matthews

Alistair Matthews
EastEnders character
Portrayed by Neil Clark
Duration 1996–97
First appearance 23 April 1996
Last appearance 31 March 1997
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Store manager

Alistair Matthews, played by Neil Clark, is a store manager who catches Sarah Hills (Daniela Denby-Ashe) shoplifting in April 1996, but promises not to call the police if she attends his Christian fellowship and turns her back on her sinful ways. Sarah is captivated by Alistair's Christian preachings and joins his fellowship. Frankie Pierre (Syan Blake) is drawn to Alistair too, and when he turns her advances down, she spreads rumours that they were sexually involved; although Alistair publicly denies this, causing Frankie's downfall in Walford.

Alistair condemns Sarah for having pre-marital sex with Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney) during a crisis of faith. However, Sarah is hurt to discover that Alistair does not practice the piety that he preaches, and when she realises that he is having pre-marital sex with his girlfriend Sue Taylor, she denounces him publicly in front of his congregation.

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