List of DRG Locomotives and Railcars - Steam Railbuses

Steam Railbuses

Class Origin UIC classification Remarks
1 to 8 Baden 121a A 1 h2 Kittel type
9 to 14 Württemberg DW A 1 h2 Kittel type
15 and 16 Standard type A 1 h2v Doble System
17 BBÖ DT 2.01; EWA DT 101 B'2' h3
51 to 53 Standard type Bo'2' h4v Doble System
54 to 58 Standard type Bo'2' h4v Doble System
59 Standard type 2'Bo' h4v Doble System
63 LBE No. 2000 Bo'2' h4v Doble System

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