List of Doctor Who Serials By Setting - Negated Timelines

Negated Timelines

Some stories depict events occurring in timelines that are specifically stated as having been subsequently negated.

Story Possible Date(s) Doctor Year Aired
"City of the Daleks" 1963 11th 2010
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" (Trickster and teenage Andrea) 1964 SJA 2007
Pyramids of Mars (a future destroyed Earth) 1980 4th 1975
"Turn Left" (5 successive time periods) right version of left/right choice: June 2007
Christmas star: 24 December 2007
Donna's dismissal: months later; between June and November 2008
Christmas prize: 24–25 December 2008
Leeds and TARDIS scenes: over 3 months later, spanning at least 3 weeks
10th 2008
"Last of the Time Lords" One year after "The Sound of Drums" 2007
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" (altered present) contemporaneous with 2000s entries SJA
"The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" (altered present) 2008
"The Wedding of River Song" (majority) 5:02 pm, 22 April 2011 11th 2011
"The Mad Woman in the Attic" (old Rani, 1st version) 2059 SJA 2009
Day of the Daleks 22nd Century 3rd 1972

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