List of Construction Equipment Rental Companies - North America

North America

Today more than 12,000 rental operations do business in the United States and Canada. The largest construction equipment rental firms in the United States and Canada, by total volume of rental and sales revenue, are:

  1. United Rentals
  2. Sunbelt Rentals
  3. RSC Equipment Rental
  4. Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. (HERC)
  5. Home Depot Rentals
  6. Maxim Crane Works
  7. Neff Rental
  8. H & E Equipment Services
  9. Sunstate Equipment
  10. Ahern Rentals
  11. Aggreko North America
  12. Finning International
  13. All Erection & Crane Rental
  14. Ring Power
  15. Volvo Rents
  16. Powerlifts
  17. ABC Rentals

The largest construction equipment rental firms in the United States and Canada, by value of equipment, are:

  1. United Rentals
  2. Sunbelt Rentals
  3. Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. (HERC)
  4. RSC Equipment Rental
  5. NES Rentals
  6. Maxim Crane Works
  7. All Erection & Crane Rental
  8. Sunstate Equipment
  9. Neff Rental
  10. ABC Rentals

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