List of Computer Systems From Serbia

This is the list of computer systems from Serbia. See History of computer hardware in Serbia for more information.

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
Picture Type Model Manufacturer Year Notes
Early CER-10 Mihajlo Pupin 1960 First computer designed and produced in SFRY
Early CER-2 Mihajlo Pupin ~1960s
Early CER-20 Mihajlo Pupin 1964 "electronic bookkeeping machine"
Early CER-200 Mihajlo Pupin 1966
Early CER-202 Mihajlo Pupin ~1960s
Early CER-22 Mihajlo Pupin 1967 intended for banking applications
Early CER-12 Mihajlo Pupin 1971 "electronic computer for business data processing"
Early CER-203 Mihajlo Pupin 1971 "electronic computer for business applications"
Hybrid HRS-100 Mihajlo Pupin 1971 intended for scientific and technical research, modelling of complex dynamical systems in real and accelerated time
TIM-100 Mihajlo Pupin 1985 Post office computer
TIM-001 Mihajlo Pupin 1985 Development computer used in post offices
TIM-600 Mihajlo Pupin
School TIM-011 Mihajlo Pupin ~1987 HD64180-based computer with integrated green monochrome monitor, running CP/M with ZCRP3
TIM-40M Mihajlo Pupin
ATLAS‑TIM AT 32 Mihajlo Pupin
Home/School Galaksija Elektronika Inženjering 1983 Extremely popular build-it-yourself computer designed by Voja Antonić
Home/School Galaksija Plus - ~1985 Enhanced version of Galaksija
School/Home Pecom 32 Ei Niš 1985
School/Home Pecom 64 Ei Niš 1985
PC Lira Ei Niš IBM PC XT compatible computer in Home computer form (mainboard is under the keyboard)
PC ET-188A Novkabel Novi Sad IBM PC XT compatible computer
PLC PA512 Ivo Lola Ribar 1980
School Lola 8 Ivo Lola Ribar 1985
PLC LPA512 Ivo Lola Ribar 1986
(none) theoretical NAR 1 (none) ? Created by Nedeljko Parezanović
(none) theoretical NAR 2 (none) ? Created by Nedeljko Parezanović

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