List of Common Weeds of Queensland - Common Weeds


Common Weeds

Some of the more common weeds of Queensland are listed below. Weeds that are not yet common or established but pose a significant threat are identified by an asterix. Weeds that are identified as Weeds of National Significance are noted as "WoNS".

Common Name Scientific Name Origin Description Signif- icance Primary Distribution Image Ref.
African tulip tree Spathodea campanulata tropical Africa Fast growing, highly invasive, evergreen tree forming dense stands in gullies and streams, crowding out native vegetation Class 3 SE Qld and gardens
Alligator Weed* Alternanthera philoxeroides South America Grows on land in damp soil, or in water as dense floating mats Class 1 WoNS Potential to establish in all Queensland coastal areas and inland agricultural and urban areas
Camphor laurel Cinnamomum camphora Asia Large attractive shade tree, aggressively replaces native vegetation Class 3 Gardens throughout Qld
Fireweed Senecio madagascariensis Madagascar, Southern Africa Daisy-like herb with bright yellow flowers, competes with pasture species Class 2 New South Wales coast and north to Brisbane
Lantana Lantana camara Central, South America Heavily branched shrub that can grow as compact clumps, dense thickets and as scrambling and climbing vines that smother native vegetation Class 3 WoNS Most coastal and sub-coastal areas of eastern Australia
Mesquite Prosopis spp. North, South America Spread significantly in Queensland, may form dense impenetrable thickets, aggressive competitor and drought tolerant Class 1 WoNS Western Qld
Mother of millions Bryophyllum spp. Madagascar Succulent type plant well adapted to dry areas, highly toxic to stock, forms masses of embryoids (plantlets), hard to eradicate Class 2 Ornamental garden plant, Central Highlands, Burnett
Ochna (aka Mickey Mouse plant) Ochna serrulata Africa Ornamental species, easily dispersed to new areas by birds eating the fruits n/a Widely planted in gardens
Parkinsonia Parkinsonia aculeata tropical America Introduced ornamental small shade tree, seeds float, forms dense, thorny thickets along watercourses Class 2 WoNS inland Qld
Parthenium Parthenium hysterophorus tropical America Vigorous coloniser of weak pastures, disturbed areas, brigalow, gidgee and softwood scrub soils. Linked to health allergies Class 2 WoNS predominantly Central Qld
Prickly pear Opuntia spp. Americas Spiky cactus, drought resistant, widespread infestation in early 20th c. but reduced through biological control Class 2 Central, Southern Qld
Willow Salix spp. Northern hemisphere Popular garden ornamentals, but invasive in waterways with aggressive root systems Class 1 WoNS Cooler parts of Qld

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