List of Carolina Panthers Seasons - Seasons


Note: The Finish, Wins, Losses, and Ties columns list regular season results and exclude any postseason play.

Super Bowl Champions Conference Champions Division Champions Wild Card Berth
Season Team League Conference Division Regular season Post-season results Awards
Finish Wins Losses Ties
Carolina Panthers
1995 1995 NFL NFC West 4th 7 9 0
1996 1996 NFL NFC West 1st 12 4 0 Won Divisional Playoffs (Cowboys) 26–17
Lost NFC Championship (Packers) 30–13
NFC COY – Dom Capers
1997 1997 NFL NFC West 2nd 7 9 0
1998 1998 NFL NFC West 4th 4 12 0
1999 1999 NFL NFC West 2nd 8 8 0
2000 2000 NFL NFC West 3rd 7 9 0
2001 2001 NFL NFC West 5th 1 15 0
2002 2002 NFL NFC South 4th 7 9 0 NFL DROY – Julius Peppers
2003 2003 NFL NFC South 1st 11 5 0 Won Wild Card Playoffs (Cowboys) 29–10
Won Divisional Playoffs (Rams) 29–23
Won NFC Championship (Eagles) 14–3
Lost Super Bowl XXXVIII (Patriots) 32–29
2004 2004 NFL NFC South 3rd 7 9 0
2005 2005 NFL NFC South 2nd 11 5 0 Won Wild Card Playoffs (Giants) 23–0
Won Divisional Playoffs (Bears) 29–21
Lost NFC Championship (Seahawks) 34–14
NFL CPOY – Steve Smith
2006 2006 NFL NFC South 2nd 8 8 0
2007 2007 NFL NFC South 2nd 7 9 0
2008 2008 NFL NFC South 1st 12 4 0 Lost Divisional Playoffs (Cardinals) 33–13
2009 2009 NFL NFC South 3rd 8 8 0
2010 2010 NFL NFC South 4th 2 14 0
2011 2011 NFL NFC South 3rd 6 10 0 NFL OROY – Cam Newton
2012 2012 NFL NFC South 2nd 7 9 0 NFL DROY – Luke Kuechly

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