List of Canada's Worst Handyman 2 Episodes - Episode 6: The Finishing Touches - The Entertainment Unit

The Entertainment Unit

In this challenge, the contestants must build a shelf that will house a set of speakers, their electrical panel, as well as the two batteries that will be storing the power to their sheds. To protect the batteries from dust, doors must be installed where they are housed. The contestants also have access to a chop saw (although a crew member will do the cutting on the chop saw). Meanwhile, the floor is to be cleaned in preparation for installing the floor later.

  • Terry – Terry, as it reveals, has experience in making furniture, but his sides are taller than his top and his shelf has no doors for the battery protection. He is the first to finish at 31:16, though. Because of this, Angie insists on starting the cork flooring early – a decision that proves to be costly, as Angie does not allow the contact cement used in adhering the tiles to dry before placing the tiles.
  • Jaime – Jaime's original design, with two overhanging shelves, was far too ambitious of a plan for the time alloted. This, in addition to the fact that Sheilla had started on the cork floor and had to be repeatedly stopped (by both Jaime and Andrew), led Jaime to not finish.
  • Jeff – Jeff's main mistake is in the use of his hinges: originally, he wanted his hinges to be mounted on the bottom, so that his door would "flop open". Although Fred convinces him to put his hinges on the top, he puts his hinges on backwards, meaning that his door would not close all the way. There is also suspicion that his shelf cannot house his electrical panel, as it has yet to be re-mounted on the wall, having it dismounted during the drywall installation. Still, his shelf is done after 41:26.
  • Candace – Although Candace designed the unit, it was Justin who built virtually every aspect of it, leaving Candace out of the construction. The only thing Candace got to do was unpack the speakers.
  • Ruth – Ruth mounted her brackets for her shelving unit backwards (with the bracket on top rather than underneath), and decides to brace the back of her cabinet (meaning that the cabinet was no longer flush with the wall. Furthermore, her hinge installation was on in an awkward manner, with half the hinge on the inside and the other half on the outside, meaning that opening and shutting the door (which would not close all the way) would amount to an attempt at ripping the hinge apart.

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