List of Build Automation Software - Make-based Tools

Make-based Tools

  • bmake, portable version of NetBSD make
  • build
  • cake
  • Clearmake
  • distcc
  • distmake
  • Dmake a make utility similar to GNU make or the Workshop dmake
  • JMake
  • JMK
  • kbuild
  • make, a classic Unix build tool
  • makeLib
  • makeme
  • MakeModules
  • Make:NG
  • makeplus
  • makepp
  • make utilities
  • mk, developed originally for Version 10 Unix and Plan 9, and ported to Unix as part of plan9port
  • mk-configure, bmake-based
  • mmm
  • Mosmake
  • MPW Make, developed for Mac OS Classic and similar to but not compatible with Unix make; OS X comes with both GNU make and BSD make; available as part of Macintosh Programmer's Workshop as a free, unsupported download from Apple
  • nmake, Bell Labs' nmake, forked into two versions after the AT&T trivestiture: a research version from AT&T Labs and an Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs supported version
  • OMake
  • Opus Make
  • Paradigm Visual Make
  • Prime Mover
  • Prototype Makefiles
  • PVM Gmake
  • (and the pymake module), written in pure Python (programming language) to be portable (Python 2.7 is strongly recommended not Python 3) and mostly compatible with makefiles written for GNU make..
  • qmake
  • Rake, a Ruby-based build tool
  • Sire
  • smake
  • Supermake
  • SMK
  • tmk
  • Yabu

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