List of Baronetcies in The Baronetage of Great Britain - T


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Tapps, now Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick of Hinton Admiral 28 July 1791 Tapps, Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick extant
Taylor of Lysson Hall 1 September 1778 taylor extinct 1815
Tench of Low Leyton 8 August 1715 Tench extinct 1737
Thomas of Yapton 6 September 1766 Thomas extinct 1972
Thompson of Virkees 23 June 1797 Thompson extinct 1868
Thorold of Harmeston 9 September 1709 Thorold extinct 1738
Thorold of Harmeston 24 March 1741 Thorold extinct 1764
Tollemache of Hanby Hall 12 January 1793 Tollemache extant
Troubridge of Plymouth 30 November 1799 Troubridge extant
Turner of Warham 27 April 1727 Turner extinct 1780
Turner of Kirkleatham 8 May 1772 Turner extinct 1810
Turton of Starborough Castle,Surrey 13 May 1796 Turton extinct 13 April 1854

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