List of Banks in The People's Republic of China - Banks Owned By Local Governments

Banks Owned By Local Governments

Name Headquarters Owner
Bank of Beijing Beijing Beijing municipal government
Bohai Bank Tianjin Tianjin municipal government
China Merchants Bank Shenzhen
Dalian Bank Dalian
Shengjing Bank Shenyang Shenyang municipal government
Bank of Jinzhou Jinzhou
Bank of Jilin Changchun
Harbin Bank Harbin
Industrial Bank Fuzhou Fujian Provincial government
Guangdong Development Bank Guangzhou
Bank of Ningbo Ningbo Ningbo municipal government
Ping An Bank Shenzhen State-owned Ping An Insurance Co.
Bank of Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai municipal government
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Shanghai
Shenzhen City Commercial Bank Shenzhen Shenzhen municipal government
Shenzhen Development Bank Shenzhen
Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Taizhou Taizhou municipal government

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