List of Bach Cantatas - Abbreviations


The abbreviations of performers are given for solo singers, choir, typically SATB, winds including timpani, woodwinds, strings, keyboard and basso continuo.

Solo Choir Brass Woodwinds Strings Keyboard basso continuo
S = soprano S = soprano Tr = tromba (trumpet) Fl = flauto (recorder) Vl = violino (violin) Org = organo (Organ) Bc = basso continuo
A = alto A = alto Tt = tromba da tirarsi Fp = flauto piccolo Vs = violino solo Cemb = cembalo (harpsichord) Lt = liuto (lute)
T = tenor T = tenor Cl = clarino (high Baroque trumpet) Ft = flauto traverso Va = viola
B = bass B = bass Tb = trombone Ob = oboe Vc = violoncello
Co = corno (horn) Oa = oboe d'amore Vp = violoncello piccolo
Cc = corno da caccia Ot = taille (tenor oboe) Vm = viola d'amore
Ct = corno da tirarsi Oc = oboe da caccia Vg = viola da gamba
Li = lituo Fg = bassoon Vt = violetta
Cn = cornetto Vn = violone
Ti = timpani

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