List of Awards Received By Muhammad Yunus

Awards received by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank:

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  • 1978 — President's Award, Bangladesh
  • 1984 — Ramon Magsaysay Award, Philippines
  • 1985 — Bangladesh Bank Award, Bangladesh
  • 1987 — Shwadhinota Dibosh Puroshkar (Independence Day Award), Bangladesh
  • 1989 — Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Switzerland
  • 1993 — CARE Humanitarian Award
  • 1994 — World Food Prize
  • 1995 — Max Schmidheiny Freedom Prize
  • 1996 — UNESCO Simón Bolívar Prize
  • 1997 — Award from Strømme Foundation, Norway
  • 1998 — Indira Gandhi Prize
  • 1998 — Prince of Asturias Award
  • 1998 — Sydney Peace Prize
  • 2001 — Named Ashoka Global Academy Member
  • 2001 — Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize (Grand Prize)
  • 2004 — The Volvo Environment Prize
  • 2004 — The Economist the newspaper's Prize for social and economic innovation.
  • 2006 — Mother Teresa Award instituted by the Mother Teresa International and Millennium Award Committee (MTIMAC), Kolkata, India
  • 2006 — Freedom from Want Award, one of the Four Freedoms Awards by Roosevelt Study Centre
  • 2006 — ITU World Information Society Award by International Telecommunication Union
  • 2006 — Seoul Peace Prize
  • 2006 — Nobel Peace Prize, shared with Grameen Bank
  • 2007 — The Nichols-Chancellor's Medal awarded by Vanderbilt University
  • 2007 — Order of the Liberator in First Class with Grand Decoration awarded by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez
  • 2007 — Honoured as an adviser to the government of Hainan province of China.
  • 2008 — Corine Award
  • 2008 — Honorary degrees awarded by Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Glasgow
  • 2009 — The Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Leadership and Service, awarded by Eisenhower Fellowships in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 2009 — Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded by Barack Obama
  • 2010 — President's Medal, Emory University
  • 2010 - Congressional Gold Medal awarded by United States Congress

Yunus received 48 honorary doctorate degrees from universities from Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA and Peru.

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