List of Awards and Nominations Received By Sakis Rouvas - Thessaloniki Song Festival

The Thessaloniki Song Festival is an annual competition held in Thessaloniki since 1962. It is the longest-running music festival and award ceremony in Greece. There are a number of titles awarded, with the ultimate winner being the recipient of the Best Composiiton award, which made Rouvas the winner of the 30th annual contest with his d├ębut single composed by Nikos Terzis, with lyrics by Giorgos Pavrianos. Following his loss of the "Best Vocals" award, which he lost to another newcoming artist, Giorgos Alkaios, by only one point, many reporters claimed that the contest was rigged.

Year Nominated work Award Result Place
1991 "Par'ta" Best Vocals Nominated 2nd Place
Best Composition Won 1st Place

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