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"Class year" refers to the alumni's class year, which usually is the same year they graduated. However, in times of war, classes often graduate early. For example, the Class of 1943 actually graduated in 1942. (Note: The United States Air Force Academy did not graduate its first class until 1959, so a significant percentage of USNA graduates were commissioned in the US Air Force until that time.)
Name Class year Notability References
Shepard, AlanAlan Shepard 1945 Rear Admiral, World War II veteran, Navy test pilot, first U.S. Astronaut in space onboard Mercury-Redstone 3 and only Mercury Seven astronaut to walk on the Moon while commanding Apollo 14 a
Schirra, WallyWally Schirra 1946 Only Astronaut to fly in America's first three space programs: Project Mercury (Mercury 8), Project Gemini (Gemini 6A), and Project Apollo (Apollo 7 Commander) a
Irwin, JamesJames Irwin 1951 Served as an SR-71 Blackbird pilot and became a NASA astronaut, serving as the lunar module pilot on the Apollo 15, on which the first lunar rover was used; walked on the moon a
Eisele, Donn F.Donn F. Eisele 1952 Test pilot, CMP on Apollo 7, the first Apollo program manned mission a
Givens, EdwardEdward Givens 1952 Test pilot, died in an automobile crash before making a spaceflight a
Lovell, JimJim Lovell 1952 Served in the Korean War, Navy test pilot, astronaut participating in Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, and commanding the ill-fated Apollo 13, which he brought back safely a
Stafford, Thomas PattenThomas Patten Stafford 1952 Pilot, Gemini 6A, Commanded Gemini 9A, Apollo 10, and Apollo-Soyuz Test Project a
Freeman, TheodoreTheodore Freeman 1953 Test pilot, died in a plane crash before making a spaceflight a
Anders, WilliamWilliam Anders 1955 Astronaut, flew on Apollo 8; ambassador to Norway (1975–1977) ac
Duke, CharlesCharles Duke 1957 Lunar Module Pilot Apollo 16; walked on the moon a
McCandless II, BruceBruce McCandless II 1958 Performed the first un-thethered spacewalk on STS-41-B and also flew on STS-31; son of Rear Admiral Bruce McCandless, Medal of Honor recipient of World War II, class of 1932 a
Griggs, S. DavidS. David Griggs 1962 Performed an unscheduled spacewalk during STS-51-D a
Springer, Robert C.Robert C. Springer 1964 Mission specialist on STS-29 and STS-38 a
Creighton, John OliverJohn Oliver Creighton 1966 Pilot of STS-51-G, commanded STS-36 and STS-48 a
Walker, DavidDavid Walker 1966 Pilot of STS-51-A, commanded STS-30, STS-53 and STS-69 a
Buchli, JamesJames Buchli 1967 Mission specialist on STS-51-C, STS-61-A, STS-29 and STS-48 a
Smith, Michael J.Michael J. Smith 1967 Pilot of the Space Shuttle Challenger when it was destroyed during STS-51-L a
Bolden, Jr., Charles F.Charles F. Bolden, Jr. 1968 Major General; United States Marine Corps test pilot; pilot of STS-61-C and STS-31; commanded STS-45 and STS-60; nominated in 2009 to be NASA Administrator a
Coats, MichaelMichael Coats 1968 Pilot of STS-41-D, and commanded STS-29 and STS-39 a
O'Connor, Bryan D.Bryan D. O'Connor 1968 Pilot of STS-61-B, and commanded STS-40 a
Lounge, John M.John M. Lounge 1969 Mission specialist on STS-51-I, STS-26 and STS-35 a
Cabana, Robert D.Robert D. Cabana 1971 Pilot of STS-41 and STS-53, commanded STS-65 and STS-88 a
Culbertson, Jr., Frank L.Frank L. Culbertson, Jr. 1971 Pilot of STS-38, commanded STS-51 and International Space Station Expedition 3 a
Leestma, DavidDavid Leestma 1971 Mission specialist on STS-41-G, STS-28 and STS-45 a
Shepherd, WilliamWilliam Shepherd 1971 Mission specialist on STS-27, STS-41 and STS-52; commanded International Space Station Expedition 1 a
Phillips, John L.John L. Phillips 1972 Mission specialist on STS-100 and STS-119; Flight Engineer of International Space Station Expedition 11 a
Oswald, Stephen S.Stephen S. Oswald 1973 Pilot of STS-42 and STS-56, Commanded STS-67 a
Reightler, Jr., Kenneth S.Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr. 1973 Pilot of STS-48 and STS-60 a
Readdy, William F.William F. Readdy 1974 Mission Specialist on STS-42, pilot of STS-51 and commanded STS-79 a
Thorne, StephenStephen Thorne 1975 Test pilot, died in a plane crash before making a spaceflight a
Linenger, Jerry M.Jerry M. Linenger 1977 Mission Specialist on STS-64, and long-duration spaceflight on the Mir space station a
Thuot, Pierre J.Pierre J. Thuot 1977 Mission Specialist on STS-36, STS-49 and STS-62 a
Bowersox, KenKen Bowersox 1978 Pilot of STS-50, commanded STS-61, STS-73, STS-82 and International Space Station Expedition 6 a
Bursch, Daniel W.Daniel W. Bursch 1979 Mission Specialist on STS-51, STS-68 and STS-77; flight engineer of International Space Station Expedition 4 a
Foreman, MichaelMichael Foreman 1979 Mission Specialist on STS-123 a
Gorie, Dominic L. PudwillDominic L. Pudwill Gorie 1979 Pilot of STS-91 and STS-99; commanded STS-108 and STS-123 a
Edwards, Jr., Joe F.Joe F. Edwards, Jr. 1980 United States Navy test pilot, pilot of STS-89 a
Lopez-Alegria, MichaelMichael Lopez-Alegria 1980 Mission Specialist for STS-73, STS-92, and STS-113; commanded International Space Station Expedition 14. American record holder for space walks, with 10 a
Hire, Kathryn P.Kathryn P. Hire 1981 Mission Specialist on STS-90 and STS-130 a
Jett, Jr., Brent W.Brent W. Jett, Jr. 1981 Pilot of STS-72 and STS-81; commanded STS-97 and STS-115 a
Lawrence, Wendy B.Wendy B. Lawrence 1981 Navy helicopter pilot and Mission Specialist for STS-67, STS-86, STS-91, and STS-114; daughter of William P. Lawrence, Superintendent of the Academy while she was a Midshipman a
Loria, ChristopherChristopher Loria 1983 Assigned as the pilot of STS-113, but an injury resulted in medical disqualification from spaceflight a
McCool, William CameronWilliam Cameron McCool 1983 Pilot of Space Shuttle Columbia, killed when the craft disintegrated during re-entry at the conclusion of STS-107 a
Curbeam, RobertRobert Curbeam 1984 Mission Specialist on STS-85, STS-98 and STS-116 a
Hobaugh, Charles O.Charles O. Hobaugh 1984 Pilot of STS-104 and STS-118; will command STS-129 a
Zamka, George D.George D. Zamka 1984 Pilot of STS-120; will command STS-130 a
Nowak, LisaLisa Nowak 1985 Mission Specialist on STS-121, terminated by NASA after arrest with attempted murder charge
Frick, StephenStephen Frick 1986 Pilot of STS-110 and commanded STS-122 a
Bowen, Stephen G.Stephen G. Bowen 1986 Mission Specialist on STS-126 a
Williams, SunitaSunita Williams 1987 Flight Engineer of International Space Station Expeditions 14 and 15 a
Ham, KennethKenneth Ham 1987 Pilot of STS-124 a
Cassidy, ChristopherChristopher Cassidy 1993 Mission Specialist on STS-127 a

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