List of American and Canadian Soccer Champions - Minor Titles - Domestic Competitions - Division 3 League Championship and Regular Season

Division 3 League Championship and Regular Season

Year Champions Runners-Up Regular Season Runners-Up
1991 Richardson Rockets New Mexico Chiles Memphis Rogues Richardson Rockets
1992 Palo Alto Firebirds Tucson Amigos Dallas Rockets El Paso Patriots
1993 Greensboro Dynamo Orlando Lions Orlando Lions San Jose Hawks
1994 Greensboro Dynamo Minnesota Thunder Minnesota Thunder Milwaukee Rampage
1995 Long Island Rough Riders Minnesota Thunder Minnesota Thunder Long Island Rough Riders
1996 California Jaguars Richmond Kickers Carolina Dynamo South Carolina Shamrocks
1997 Albuquerque Geckos Charlotte Eagles Myrtle Beach Seadawgs Albuquerque Geckos
1998 Chicago Stingers New Hampshire Phantoms Miami Breakers Indiana Blast
1999 Western Mass Pioneers South Jersey Barons Chico Rooks Texas Toros
2000 Charlotte Eagles New Jersey Stallions New Jersey Stallions Texas Rattlers
2001 Utah Blitzz Greenville Lions Utah Blitzz Chico Rooks
2002 Long Island Rough Riders Wilmington Hammerheads Utah Blitzz Wilmington Hammerheads
2003 Wilmington Hammerheads Westchester Flames Carolina Dynamo Long Island Rough Riders
2004 Utah Blitzz Charlotte Eagles Pittsburgh Riverhounds Charlotte Eagles
2005 Charlotte Eagles Western Mass Pioneers Western Mass Pioneers Charlotte Eagles
2006 Richmond Kickers Charlotte Eagles Richmond Kickers Charlotte Eagles
2007 Harrisburg City Islanders Richmond Kickers Richmond Kickers Cleveland City Stars
2008 Cleveland City Stars Charlotte Eagles Charlotte Eagles Richmond Kickers
2009 Richmond Kickers Charlotte Eagles Wilmington Hammerheads Richmond Kickers
2010 Charleston Battery Richmond Kickers Charleston Battery Richmond Kickers
2011 Orlando City Harrisburg City Islanders Orlando City Wilmington Hammerheads
2012 Charleston Battery Wilmington Hammerheads Orlando City Rochester Rhinos

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