List of All-Ireland Fleadh Champions

List Of All-Ireland Fleadh Champions

This page lists those who have won the senior title at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann title since its foundation in 1951 by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann.

There are competitions for soloists, duos, trios, and various types of ensembles, many of which are divided into separate competitions by age group. A list of the categories are found here.

Read more about List Of All-Ireland Fleadh Champions:  Tin Whistle (Feadóg Stain), Tin Whistle - Slow Airs (Feadóg Stain - Foinn MhaIla), Flute (Feadóg Mhór), Flute - Slow Airs (Feadóg Mhór - Foinn Mhalla), Fiddle (Veidhlín), Fiddle - Slow Airs (Fidil/Veidhlín - Foinn Mhalla), Uilleann Pipes (Piob Uilleann), Uilleann Pipes - Slow Airs (Píob Uilleann - Foinn Mhalla), War Pipes (Piob Mhór), Irish Singing - Ladies (Amhrán Gaeilge - Mná), Irish Singing - Men (Amhrán Gaeilge - Fir), English Singing - Ladies (Amhrán Bearla - Mná), English Singing - Men (Amhrán Bearla - Fir), Irish Singing - Newly Composed Ballads (Amhrán Nua-Cheaptha Gaeilge), English Singing - Newly Composed Ballads (Amhrán Nua-Cheaptha Bearla), Whistling (Feadaíl), Lilting (Portaireacht), Button Accordion (Bosca Cheoil), Piano Accordion (Cairdin Piano), Concertina (Consairtín), One Row Melodeon (Mileoideon), Harp (Cruit), Mouth Organ (Organ Beil), Banjo (Bainseo), Mandolin (Maindilín), Piano (Piano), Bodhran (Bodhrán), Céilí Band Drummer (Drumaí Céilí), Miscellaneous (Rogha Ghleas), Accompaniment (Tionlacan), Strummed Stringed Instruments, Duets (Ceol Beirte), Trios (Ceol Triur), Instrumental Groups (Grúpaí Cheoil), Accordion Bands (Buíon Cheoil Cáirdin), Flute Bands (Buíon Cheoil Feadóg Mhór <18), Flute Bands (Buíon Cheoil Feadóg Mhór), Miscellaneous Marching Bands (Buíon Rogha Gléas), Pipe Bands (Buíon Cheoil Phíob), Céilí Band (Buíon Cheoil Chéilí), Set Dancing - Ladies (Rince Seit - Mná), Set Dancing - Mixed (Rince Seit - Mixed), Set Dancing - Half Set (Rince Seit - Half)

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