List of Ajax Frameworks - PHP


A PHP Ajax framework is able to deal with database, search data, and build pages or parts of page and publish the page or return data to the XMLHttpRequest object.

  • Phery is a library that makes you able to manipulate the DOM directly from PHP through jQuery
  • CJAX Framework
  • Quicknet is an Ajax framework that provides secure data transmission, uses PHP on the server side
  • Sajax PHP framework with a lot of functions, easy to integrate functions yourself
  • Xajax uses only the XML format, on the server side
  • JAX Framework an Open-Source, AJAX-based Web Application Framework built on jQuery, PHP, phpdaogen and phpreportgen. Includes YAML-driven database schema, simple database schema migration, and code generators for rapid development of CRUD/Admin pages.
  • J4P micro ajax J4P micro ajax in a simple way brings extensive ajax functionality in PHP applications at a minimum of size. You also can use a wide range of the jQuery library on PHP side.

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