List of Active Units of The Italian Army - Transport and Material Corps

Transport and Material Corps

  • Logistic Projection Command *1997 (Rome)
  • 1st Maneuver Regiment Monviso *1991 (Rivoli)
  • 6th Maneuver Regiment *1975 (Pisa)
  • 10th Maneuver Regiment *1963 (Serre)
  • 24th Alpine Maneuver Regiment Dolomiti *1981 (Meran)
  • 1st Transport Regiment (Bellinzago Novarese)
  • 6th Transport Regiment *1976 (Budrio)
  • 8th Transport Regiment *1942 (Remanzacco)
  • 8th Transport Regiment Casilina (Rome)
  • 10th Transport Regiment (Bari)
  • Joint Forces Maneuver Regiment (Rome)
  • 33rd Logistic Support Regiment (Solbiate Olona)
  • Logistic Battalion Ariete (Maniago)
  • 11th Transport Battalion Flaminia (Rome)

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