Line Rental

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IiNet - History - Regulatory Conflict With Telstra
... their pricing arrangements, each of which forced iiNet to make changes to their product line and pricing ... The second was an increase in line rental for iiPhone ... We're disappointed in the changes to our broadband arrangements and line rental prices from Telstra Wholesale and we're challenging this." This dispute has now been resolved, and line rental has since ...
Wholesale Line Rental
... Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) is a service in which a telecommunication operator takes control of all the connections made through a telephone line from the native operator and ... a single bill for the end user covering calls and line rental ...
Eircom - Controversy
... Eircom announced in June 2007 that from 30 July line rental charges would increase by €1.18 bringing line rental charges – already the most expensive in Europe to a ...

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