Light Rail in North America - Usage of Light Rail in North America

Usage of Light Rail in North America

System Largest city served Daily ridership
(2012 Q2)
Annual Ridership
Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metrorrey* Monterrey 419.4 152,996.0
Calgary Transit Calgary 263.2 76,830.7
Massachusetts Bay Tr Auth Boston 248.9 73,233.1
Sistema de Tren El├ęctrico Urbano* Guadalajara 206.4 76,111.0
Los Angeles County MTA Los Angeles 184.3 50,797.9
San Francisco Muni Rwy San Francisco 158.5 50,794.6
Tri-County Metro Trp Dist Portland 132.8 41,906.9
Southeastern Penn TA Philadelphia 105.0 32,998.2
San Diego Metrop Transit S San Diego 94.3 32,748.7
Servicio de Transportes El├ęctricos* Mexico City 85.1 27,540.0
Edmonton Transit System* Edmonton 78.7 26,434.2
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Dallas 74.2 23,658.7
Regional Trp District Denver 69.3 20,694.7
New Jersey Transit Corp* Newark 61.5 21,306.2
Utah Transit Authority Salt Lake City 55.7 15,297.9
Bi-State Dev Agency Saint Louis 54.8 16,505.2
Sacramento Reg Tr Dist Sacramento 47.5 NA
Valley Metro Rail, Inc. Phoenix 41.3 13,161.8
Metro Tr Auth of Harris Co Houston 37.4 10,776.0
Santa Clara Valley Trp Auth San Jose 32.6 10,219.4
Metro Transit Minneapolis 32.4 10,400.9
Sound Transit Seattle 29.8 8,784.9
Maryland Transit Admin Baltimore 28.5 8,462.3
Port Auth of Allegheny Co Pittsburgh 28.5 6,751.5
Niagara Frontier Trp Auth Buffalo 21.7 6,973.4
Regional Transit Auth New Orleans 21.1 6,602.4
Charlotte Area Transit Charlotte 15.5 4,792.1
OC Transpo Ottawa 10.1 3,632.5
North County Transit District Oceanside 7.9 2,411.3
Greater Cleveland Reg TA* Cleveland 7.7 2,744.6
Memphis Area Transit Auth Memphis 5.3 1,161.9
Hampton Roads Transit Hampton 4.3 641.9
King County Dept of Trp Seattle 2.5 714.7
Hillsborough Area Reg TA Tampa .6 358.7
City of Galveston/Island Tr** Galveston .0 .0

Note: Ridership figures are in thousands. Daily ridership figures represent average weekday ridership figures for all cities except those marked with an asterisk (*), where they represent average for all days (i.e. including weekends). Galveston, marked with two asterisks (**), has not operated its system since 2008 when it was shut down due to damage from hurricane Ike.


  • American Public Transportation Association 3Q2012.
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