Liers in Wait

Liers in Wait were a Gothenburg, Sweden-based death metal band active between 1990 and 1995.

The group was formed by Kristian Wåhlin after the dissolution of Grotesque, a precursor to At the Gates, and for a very brief time featured the band's core members (Tomas Lindberg, Anders Björler and Alf Svensson). By the time songwriting materialized for the EP Spiritually Uncontrolled Art in 1992, the line-up consisted of Christofer Johnsson (vocals), Wahlin and Johan Österberg (guitars), Mattias Gustavsson (bass) and Hans Nilsson (drums).

The band played two shows in Poland and produced a Slayer cover for a record company compilation, but due to instability of the line-up, the group ultimately dissolved in 1995.

Johnsson would resume work as leader of symphonic death metal band Therion; Daniel Erlandsson would play drums for In Flames, Eucharist, and Armageddon before settling with popular melodic death metal band Arch Enemy; and Wahlin, Osterburg and Nilsson would go on to form Diabolique. The following year, Nilsson would also join Dimension Zero.

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