Lick (crater)

Lick (crater)

Lick is a lunar crater that has been flooded with basaltic lava. The north rim is attached to the smaller, bowl-shaped crater Greaves. Lick lies on the southwest edge of Mare Crisium. Its rim is broken at the north and south ends, and the southwest rim is attached to the crater remnant Lick A. There is a small, flooded crater within the southern part of Lick's inner floor, and several tiny craters mark the interior surface.

This crater was named in memory of James Lick, a Californian philanthropist.

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Lick (crater) - Satellite Craters
... By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the cratermidpoint that is closest to Lick ... LickLatitude Longitude Diameter A 11.5° N 52.8° E 23 km B 11.2° N 51.4° E 24 km C 11.5° N 52.0° E 9 km E 10.6° N 50.7° E 8 km F 10.1° N 50.2° E 22 km G 10.1° N 50.9° E 5 ... LickD — See Greaves ...

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