Level Utilitarianism

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Two-level Utilitarianism - Criticisms
... Apart from the criticisms that are commonly made of utilitarianism in general, there are several criticisms made specifically against two-level utilitarianism ... One objection is that two-level utilitarianism undermines an agent's commitment to act in accordance with his or her moral principles ... However, a two-level utilitarian knows that his everyday set of moral rules is merely a guideline, and as such any breach of these rules is unlikely ...
Two-level Utilitarianism
... Two-level utilitarianism is a utilitarian theory of ethics developed by R ... situations where it is more appropriate to engage in a 'critical' level of moral reasoning ... Traditional utilitarianism treats this as a claim that people should try to ensure that their actions maximise overall happiness or pleasure ...

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    Adults understandably assume that the level of verbal proficiency a five-year-old displays represents his level of proficiency in all areas of functioning—if he talks like an adult, he must think and feel like one. However, five-year-olds,... belie the promise of adult-like behavior with their child-like, impulsive actions.
    Dorothy H. Cohen (20th century)