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Country Code Second-level Domain
... A country code second-level domain (ccSLD) is a second-level domain to a country code top-level domain ... A ccSLD may be reserved by the domain name registry for the registration of third-level domains or assigned to a third party as a subdomain ... Many country code domain registries implement domain name classes at the second level underneath their ccTLD, such as are present in the original generic top-level ...
Index Of Central America-related Articles - 0–9
... bz Internet country code top-level domain for Belize.cr Internet country code top-level domain for Costa Rica.gt Internet country code top-level domain ...
VMEbus - History - VME Early Years (from ANSI/IEEE Std 1014-1987 and ANSI/VITA 1-1994)
... They also placed Revision A of the specification in the public domain ... Group labelled the document Revision C.1 and placed it in the public domain ... Committee returned to using the public domain VMEbus C.1 specification as their base-level document, to which they added new enhancements ...
Public Suffix List
... Public Suffix List is a catalog of certain Internet domain name suffixes ... A "public suffix" is also known by the older term effective top-level domain (eTLD) ... While ".com", ".uk" and ".us" are top-level domains (TLDs), Internet users cannot always register the next level of domain, such as "co.uk" or "wy.us", since ...
.au - Registration - Historic Second-level Domains
... Some second-level domain names are no longer actively used ... been deleted.info.au - General information.otc.au - A mapping domain for X.400 addresses was obsoleted by telememo.au ... Has since been deleted.oz.au - Historical domain name for Australian sites ...

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