Letterlike Symbols (Unicode Block)

Letterlike Symbols (Unicode Block)

Letterlike Symbols are graphemes (characters) which are constructed mainly from the glyphs of one or more letters.

In Unicode, Letterlike Symbols are placed in the block U+2100–214F, as in the following table.

Unicode Letterlike Symbols
Char Image Name Unicode
Account Of 2100
Addressed To The Subject 2101
Double-Struck Capital C 2102
Degree Celsius 2103
Centre line Symbol 2104
Care Of 2105
Cada Una 2106
Euler constant 2107
Scruple 2108
Degree Fahrenheit 2109
Script Small G 210a
Script Capital H 210b
Black-Letter Capital H 210c
Double-Struck Capital H 210d
Planck constant 210e
Planck Constant Over Two Pi 210f
Script Capital I 2110
Black-Letter Capital I 2111
Script Capital L 2112
Script Small L (LaTeX: ell) 2113
L B Bar Symbol 2114
Double-Struck Capital N 2115
Numero sign 2116
Sound recording copyright symbol 2117
Script Capital P 2118
Double-Struck Capital P 2119
Double-Struck Capital Q 211a
Script Capital R 211b
Black-Letter Capital R 211c
Double-Struck Capital R 211d
Prescription Take 211e
Response 211f
Service mark 2120
Telephone Sign 2121
Trademark Sign 2122
Versicle 2123
Double-Struck Capital Z 2124
Ounce Sign 2125
Ω Ohm Sign 2126
Inverted Ohm Sign 2127
Black-Letter Capital Z 2128
Turned Greek Small Letter Iota 2129
K Kelvin Sign 212a
Å Ångström Sign 212b
Script Capital B 212c
Black-Letter Capital C 212d
Estimated symbol 212e
Script Small E 212f
Script Capital E 2130
Script Capital F 2131
Turned Capital F 2132
Script Capital M 2133
Script Small O 2134
Alef Symbol 2135
Bet Symbol 2136
Gimel Symbol 2137
Dalet Symbol 2138
Information Source 2139
Rotated Capital Q 213a
Fax Sign 213b
Double-Struck Small Pi 213c
Double-Struck Small Gamma 213d
Double-Struck Capital Gamma 213e
Double-Struck Capital Pi 213f
Double–Struck N–Ary Summation 2140
Turned Sans-Serif Capital G 2141
Turned Sans-Serif Capital L 2142
Reversed Sans-Serif Capital L 2143
Turned Sans-Serif Capital Y 2144
Double-Struck Italic Capital D 2145
Double-Struck Italic Small D 2146
Double-Struck Italic Small E 2147
Double-Struck Italic Small I 2148
Double-Struck Italic Small J 2149
Property line 214a
Turned Ampersand 214b
Per Sign 214c
Aktieselskab 214d
Turned Small F 214e
Symbol for Samaritan Source 214f

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