Leo Rodak

Leo Rodak (nicknamed "The Chicago Flash") was an American boxer from Chicago. Rodak was undefeated in his first 22 fights, with one of those wins coming against Tommy Paul.

From 1931-1933 Rodak fought in the Chicago Golden Gloves tournament. He won numerous events such as the 1931 112 lb Chicago Golden Gloves Championship, the 1931 112 lb Intercity Golden Gloves Championship, the 1932 118 lb Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions, the 1933 126 lb Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions and the 1933 126 lb Intercity Golden Gloves Championship

Rodak fought Bushy Graham to a draw in Madison Square Garden.

Rodak also fought Jackie Wilson four times. The first three fights went to a draw. The fourth fight, in Baltimore, Maryland, was for the Maryland State Version of the World Featherweight Title. Rodak won by decision.

Rodak fought Sammy Angott three times. The first fight, at Forbes Field, he won by decision. The second fight he lost by a knockout in Pennsylvania. The third fight was lost by decision in Motor Square Garden.

Rodak then fought Freddie Miller (boxer) for the Maryland State Version of the World Featherweight Title. He won by decision in Washington, D.C..

Rodak had a fight for the National Boxing Association World featherweight title, and the NYSAC World featherweight title against Joey Archibald in Rhode Island. He lost by decision.

Rodak fought Jackie Wilson (Boxer) a fifth and sixth time. He won the fifth by a decision in Chicago, and the sixth by a decision in Ohio.

Rodak fought against Maxie Shapiro in New York where he won by a decision.

Rodak then had a rematch with Maxie Shapiro at Ebbets Field and lost by a decision.

Rodak went on to fight Tippy Larkin, losing by a decision in Newark, New Jersey.

Rodak also fought the great Henry Armstrong and by a technical knock out at the Civic Auditorium.

Rodak fought Willie Joyce twice. The first fight Rodak lost by a technical knock out in Detroit, Michigan. The second fight Rodak won by decision in Hollywood, California.

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