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A cleric of the newly formed church of Paladine after the events of the Dragons of Spring Dawning, she was convinced that she could turn Raistlin from evil and fell in love with him. Raistlin used her to enter the domain of the evil goddess Takhisis in order to kill the goddess. Crysania survived, but was blinded. After this, she was made head of the church of Paladine, and from then on was known as the Revered Daughter of Paladine in the Dragonlance mythos.

She found love during the Chaos War in the person of a White-Robed mage named Valin who served for a time as a guide of sort for the blind priestess. Valin had initially declared his love for Crysania, only to be turned away because of Crysania's dedication to the people of Krynn as the leader of the church of Paladine. During the Chaos War, Crysania has lost contact with Paladine, and every cleric besides Crysania had lost their ability to heal. Being the leader of the church of Paladine, Crysania sought for ways to communicate with the gods once again to revive the faith and hope of the citizens of Krynn. The Dark Elf Dalamar presented Crysania with the description of five stones known as the Dragon Stones which had the power to communicate directly with the gods. Dalamar turned Valin into the white tiger known as Tandar to serve as a guide for Crysania while she searched for the remaining Dragon Stones. And in order for Valin to once again become human, Crysania needed to declare her love for him. In return, Dalamar required Valin to report to him regarding their progress while they searched for the Dragon Stones. As a tiger, Valin was able to provide Crysania the power to see from his perspective and had the ability to communicate with her telepathically. Along with three other travelers, Crysania and Valin traveled to Neraka to find the three missing Dragon Stones. After finding the stones, the pair journeyed to Goldshome where Crysania was able to communicate with Paladine. Paladine informed Crysania that the gods would be leaving Krynn and that it would be the age for mortals to live on their own. Crysania eventually discovers that Tandar is in fact Valin. Upon discovering that the gods would be leaving, Crysania finally declares that she loves Valin, thus breaking the geas of Dalamar's spell. Crysania and Valin travel back to Palanathus to face the trials of the Age of Mortals together.

Following that war and the apparent departure of Paladine, Crysania went on to become a mystic of Goldmoon's Citadel of the Heart; she then counseled Lord Liam, Grand Master of the Solamnic Knights to rebuild the order of the Clerist around mysticism. She is supposed to have survived the War of Souls, but is no longer in control of the (now defunct) church of Paladine.

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