Legate may refer to:

  • Legatus, a general officer of the ancient Roman army drawn from among the senatorial class
  • A representative, such as an ambassador or envoy
  • A member of a legation
  • Papal legate, a messenger from the Holy See
  • Legate, a rank in the Cardassian military in the fictional Star Trek universe

Other articles related to "legate, legates":

Papal Conclave, 1431 - Absentees
... Stefano al Monte Celio September, 1414 Antipope John XXIII Legate in Avignon administrator of Comminges Niccolo Albergati, O.Carth. 24 Pope Martin V Administrator of Bologna Papal legate in France Henry Beaufort English Priest of S ... Pope Martin V Administrator of Winchester legate a latere in England Giuliano Cesarini Roman Deacon of S ...
Peter Of Capua
... an Italian theologian and scholastic philosopher, and a Cardinal and papal legate ... of Paris, he was employed by Pope Innocent III as legate ... He also served as legate to France from 1198 ...
John Of Crema - Legate
... was generally closed to papal diplomats of nine legates to England in Henry's reign, John was the only one to be able to use his authority ... Fulk imprisoned the papal legates and treated them roughly, and was excommunicated ...
Jean Lemoine - Foundations in Paris - Legate
1302, Boniface VIII sent him to France as legate to Philippe le Bel ... Phillipe intercepted the messengers with the bull, at Troyes, and placed the legate Jean under surveillance ...
Papal Election, 1154 - Absentees
... to have been in Spain at that time he served there as papal legate from the spring of 1154 until the end of 1155 ... Cardinal Odone Bonecase was employed as legate in France in 1154/55 ... Gerard de Namur was legate in Germany, while Ildebrando in Lombardy ...