Leach may refer to:

  • Leach, Oklahoma in the United States
  • Al Leach
  • Archie Leach, real name of actor Cary Grant
  • Ben Leach, player in Liverpool-based pop group The Farm
  • Bernard Leach (1887–1979), British potter
  • Bobby Leach
  • Britt Leach
  • Dewitt C. Leach (1822–1909), U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • David Leach (disambiguation)
  • Edmund Leach (1910–1989), British anthropologist
  • Edward Pemberton Leach
  • Francis Leach
  • Garry Leach
  • George Leach
  • George E. Leach
  • Henry Leach
  • Howard H. Leach
  • Jim Leach (born 1942), American politician from Iowa
  • James Madison Leach (1815–1891), American politician from North Carolina
  • James Leach (soldier) (1892–1957), British soldier and Victoria Cross holder
  • Jason Leach
  • Jesse Leach
  • John Albert Leach (1870–1929), Australian author, educationalist and ornithologist
  • John Leach (judge) (1760–1834), English judge and Privy Councillor
  • John Leach (Royal Navy officer)
  • Karoline Leach
  • Mandy Leach (born 1979), Zimbabwean freestyle swimmer
  • Martin Leach (disambiguation)
    • Martin Leach (executive), former president and COO of Ford Motor Company's European division
    • Martin Leach (Australian murderer), Australian convicted murderer and rapist
  • Mick Leach, association footballer
  • Mike Leach (coach), American football head coach
  • Mike Leach (football player), American football long snapper
  • Mike Leach (tennis), former doubles tennis specialist
  • Neil Leach
  • Nicole Leach
  • Penelope Leach (1937- ), British child psychologist and parenting author
  • Reggie Leach
  • Rick Leach
  • Robert M. Leach
  • Robin Leach
  • Rosemary Leach
  • Sheryl Leach, one of the creators of Barney & Friends
  • Terry Leach (1954- ), former Major League Baseball player
  • Tommy Leach (1877–1969), Major League Baseball player
  • Vonta Leach (1981- ), American football fullback for the Houston Texans
  • William Elford Leach (1790–1836), English zoologist
  • Leach Highway, Western Australia
  • Leach orchid
  • a phenotype caused by a mutation in the gene encoding glycophorin C
  • Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH), a routing protocol in wireless sensor networks
  • "Leach", a song by Cryptopsy off their album The Unspoken King
  • River Leach, England

Other articles related to "leach":

Lynne Leach
... Leach (born January 8, 1940 in Chicago, Illinois) is a former California State Assemblywoman who served from 1996 until 2002 ... Prior to serving in the Assembly, Leach was a businesswoman with her own business, Applied Business Communications, Inc ...

Famous quotes containing the word leach:

    True spoiling is nothing to do with what a child owns or with amount of attention he gets. he can have the major part of your income, living space and attention and not be spoiled, or he can have very little and be spoiled. It is not what he gets that is at issue. It is how and why he gets it. Spoiling is to do with the family balance of power.
    —Penelope Leach (20th century)

    For a small child there is no division between playing and learning; between the things he or she does “just for fun” and things that are “educational.” The child learns while living and any part of living that is enjoyable is also play.
    —Penelope Leach (20th century)

    Your preschool child will chatter endlessly to you. If you half-listen and half-reply the whole conversation will seem, and become, tediously meaningless for both of you. but if you really listen and really answer, he will talk more and what he says will make more sense.
    —Penelope Leach (20th century)