Launch Vehicle

In spaceflight, a launch vehicle or carrier rocket is a rocket used to carry a payload from the Earth's surface into outer space. A launch system includes the launch vehicle, the launch pad and other infrastructure. Usually the payload is an artificial satellite placed into orbit, but some spaceflights are sub-orbital while others enable spacecraft to escape Earth orbit entirely. A launch vehicle which carries its payload on a suborbital trajectory is often called a sounding rocket.

Launch vehicles, particularly orbital launch vehicles, have at least two stages, but sometimes up to 4 are employed.

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... In the context of spaceflight, a launch campaign is the set of activities which prepare a launch vehicle for lift-off ... Activities during the launch campaign include launch vehicle assembly, integration of the payload, fueling of the vehicle, and preparing the launch pad ... For a NASA expendable launch vehicle, the launch campaign begins approximately 45 days prior to launch ...
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1944? Tuchola Forest, German-occupied Poland 7 A4-rocket An A4-rocket crashes at a test launch in a trench ... Launch escape system fired 27 minutes after an aborted launch causing a fire and subsequent explosion when pad workers had already returned to the launch pad. 1973/6/26 Plesetsk Cosmodrome, USSR 9 Kosmos-3M launch vehicle Launch explosion of Kosmos-3M rocket 1978/8/24 Rock, Kansas, United States 1 LGM-25C Titan II A single airman killed when ...
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... In the suborbital flight, the space craft went directly from launch to re-entry at the highest point in the orbital mission the craft went into an orbit around the Earth ... During the launch phase of the mission, the Mercury spacecraft and astronaut were protected from launch vehicle failures by the Launch Escape System ... In the event of a launch abort, the LES would fire for one second, pulling the spacecraft and astronaut away from the launch vehicle and a possible explosion ...
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... In the US, any rocket launch that is not classified as amateur, and also is not "for and by the government," must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FA ...

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