Latin Alphabet

  • (noun): The alphabet evolved by the ancient Romans which serves for writing most of the languages of western Europe.
    Synonyms: Roman alphabet

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Password Strength - Password Guess Validation - Random Passwords
... WEP keys) 16 4.000 bits Case insensitive Latin alphabet (a-z or A-Z) 26 4.700 bits Case insensitive alphanumeric (a-z or A-Z, 0–9) 36 5.170 bits Case sensitive Latin alphabet (a-z, A-Z) 52 5.700 bits Case ... H Arabic numerals Hexadecimal Case insensitive Latin alphabet Case insensitive alphanumeric Case sensitive Latin alphabet Case sensitive alphanumeric All ASCII printable ...
South Azerbaijani Language - Alphabets
... In Azerbaijan, North Azerbaijani now officially uses the Latin script, but the Cyrillic script is also in wide use, while in Iran, South Azerbaijani uses the Perso-Arabic script ... There is a one-to-one correspondence between the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets for North Azerbaijani (although the Cyrillic alphabet has a different order) Aa Аа آ ا Bb Бб ب Cc Ҹҹ ج Çç Чч چ Dd ... In 1929–1938 a Latin alphabet was in use for North Azerbaijani (although it was different from the one used now), from 1938 to 1991 the Cyrillic script was used, and in 1991 the current Latin alphabet was ...
Arabic Alphabets - Languages Written With The Arabic Script - Languages Formerly Written With The Arabic Alphabet - Africa
... in Morocco (still being considered, along with Tifinagh and Latin, for Central Atlas Tamazight) Harari, by the Harari people of the Harari Region in Ethiopia ... Now uses the Ge'ez and Latin alphabets ... languages – Hausa, Fula, Mandinka, Wolof and some more – the Latin alphabet has officially replaced Arabic transcriptions for use in literacy and education Malagasy in Madagascar (script ...
Montenegrin Alphabet - Latin Alphabet - Digraphs
... The alphabet also includes some digraphs built from the previous characters (that are considered as single letters for collation purpose) Dž, Nj, and Lj ...
Medieval Runes - History and Use - Mutual Influences
... As the two alphabets were used alongside each other, there was a mutual influence ... The Latin alphabet early borrowed the þ rune to represent the /θ/ and /ð/ phonemes, but in Denmark it was rarely used ... the Icelanders still retain it in their Latin alphabet ...

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    I believe the alphabet is no longer considered an essential piece of equipment for traveling through life. In my day it was the keystone to knowledge. You learned the alphabet as you learned to count to ten, as you learned “Now I lay me” and the Lord’s Prayer and your father’s and mother’s name and address and telephone number, all in case you were lost.
    Eudora Welty (b. 1909)

    It is a monstrous thing to force a child to learn Latin or Greek or mathematics on the ground that they are an indispensable gymnastic for the mental powers. It would be monstrous even if it were true.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)