Lane Powell - Firm History

Firm History

  • 1875: William D. Fenton establishes Portland office, McCain & Fenton
  • 1889: William Peters of Pennsylvania joined the Seattle firm of Strudwick, Peters & Collins and John Powell arrived in Seattle to practice law with the firm of Stratton, Lewis & Gilman
  • 1900: John Powell and William Peters establish Peters & Powell in Seattle
  • 1906: University of Oregon honors William D. Fenton by naming a building after him - Fenton Hall, which eventually housed the School of Law
  • 1918: McCain & Fenton becomes Dey, Hampson & Nelson after William Fenton's death
  • 1929: W. Byron Lane joins the Seattle firm as an associate
  • 1935: Seattle firm renamed, Evans, McLaren, Lane, Powell & Beeks
  • 1944: Portland firm renamed Hampson, Koerner, Young & Swett
  • 1946: Frank Spears joins the Portland firm
  • 1948: Portland firm renamed Koerner, Young, Swett & McColloch
  • 1950: Portland firm renamed Koerner, Young, McColloch & Dezendorf
  • 1951: William Lubersky joins the Portland firm as a partner and McCain & Fenton becomes Spears, Lubersky, Bledsoe, Anderson, Young & Hilliard
  • 1959: Gordon Moss becomes a partner in the Seattle firm
  • 1965: Portland firm renamed McColloch, Dezendorf & Spears
  • 1966: Seattle firm renamed, Lane, Powell, Moss & Miller
  • 1969: Portland firm renamed McColloch, Dezendorf, Spears & Lubersky
  • 1972: Portland firm renamed Dezendorf, Spears, Lubersky & Campbell
  • 1979: The Seattle firm expands to Anchorage with the firm Ruskin, Barker & Hicks and the Portland firm is renamed Spears, Lubersky, Campbell & Bledsoe
  • 1983: Portland firm renamed Spears, Lubersky, Campbell, Bledsoe, Anderson & Young
  • 1986: Office opens in Mt. Vernon, Washington
  • 1987: Seattle firm merges with Cohen and Kaplan
  • 1988: Olympia and London offices open and the Portland firm is renamed Spears, Lubersky, Campbell, Bledsoe, Anderson, Young & Hilliard
  • 1990: Seattle and Portland firms merge creating Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP
  • 2005: The firm is known as Lane Powell PC
  • 2011: Seventeen attorneys from Roberts Kaplan LLP join Lane Powell's Portland office

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