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Daisy Wick

Sweets begins dating one of Dr. Temperance Brennan's interns, Daisy Wick, after meeting her during a case. He is initially drawn to her by the fact that she minored in psychology and later, after Booth and Brennan avoid another therapy session, calls her. At the end of "The Skull in the Sculpture", Sweets insists on personally breaking the news to her when Cam decides to fire her, telling Daisy that the upside of it is that they no longer must be discreet about their relationship. When Daisy confesses she thought that Sweets was ashamed of her, he kisses her in front of the entire team, surprising them all greatly.

In "The Cinderella In The Cardboard", Daisy is viewed fitting a wedding dress with an unknown male by Booth and Brennan. After much deliberation, Sweets confronts her, at which point they quickly resolve the fact that Daisy is not having an affair, and she was simply fitting the dress for her cousin, and the unknown male was her cousin's fiance. At that point, Daisy closes the blinds to Sweets's office and they begin disrobing as the camera pans to another point of view.

In "Night in the Bones Museum", Sweets intercedes on Daisy's behalf and persuades Dr Brennan to offer Daisy another chance at the internship although she has been fired twice already; although not from lack of ability but rather the fact that she is "annoying". He teaches her breathing techniques to make her less so, but she begins to resent his constant presence at the lab. He realizes that his trying to change her was insulting, and resolves that if she ever fails in future, he will just "give a hug". Daisy and Sweets then have sex in the Egyptology department.

In "The Bones On The Blue Line", Sweets proposes to Daisy, and she accepts. Though when she decides to go to the Maluku Islands on a year-long anthropological dig, they break up when he refuses to join her.

However, in the episode "The Shallow in the Deep", Daisy and Sweets are revealed to have been having casual sex, which is discovered by Brennan and Booth. Sweets realizes that he wants a stable relationship, and he and Daisy reconnect in a bar by realizing that they are not so different after all. They are shown near the end of the episode kissing. Later on in the season it is revealed that Sweets is planning on proposing to Daisy again.

Daisy's nickname for Lance is her "Sweet Lancelot", a reference to his name, Lance Sweets, and to the romantic character, Lancelot, of Arthurian myth. Sweets also sometimes refers to Daisy as "Miss Daisy," also using the phrase "What are you driving at, Miss Daisy?" in reference to the film, "Driving Miss Daisy."

In the Season 8 episode "The Gunk in the Garage," Sweets turns down a fellow FBI agent, Olivia Sparling, who is obviously interested in him, citing his serious relationship with Daisy; however, in the following episode, "The Tiger in the Tale," he and Daisy encounter trouble in their relationship.

In "The Tiger in the Tale", Sweets and Daisy plan to finally move in together and rent an apartment. Though both are excited about this at first, after talking with both Angela and Booth, Sweets begins to second-guess living with Daisy, realizing that, though she wants to eventually get married, and even pregnant, he does not want those things (now?), and that they will therefore not be able to be happy together due to wanting different things out of their relationship. As a result, Sweets, despite feeling bad, breaks off their relationship, and allows Daisy to keep the apartment.

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