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They have traditionally been popular as fund raisers for Australian and South African youth groups such as Scouts, Guides and churches to the extent that such fund raisers are called "Lamington drives". The cake is supplied by commercial bakeries in large slabs and cut into about 40 mm cubes. Teams of volunteers work together, dipping the cake into the chocolate icing and rolling it in the coconut. Generally they are packaged up into one dozen lots for distribution within communities which have been solicited for orders ahead of time. Commercially produced versions are also sold.

Lamingtons have also been popular in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, for many decades. There, they are usually called coconut bars. Some bakeries in cities with many former Clevelanders, such as Los Angeles, also make them, under various names, such as Cleveland bars and rum bars (when a bit of rum extract has been added to the chocolate icing).

Other flavours have also become popular, including Lemon Lamingtons and Raspberry Lamingtons.

Friday 21 July 2006 was designated as National Lamington Day in Australia.

In September 2006, the National Trust of Queensland named the Lamington one of Queensland's favourite icons.

A number of record attempts have been made to make the Worlds Biggest Lamington. The most recent successful attempt occurred on 11 June, 2011 in Toowoomba, Australia, when Quality Desserts and the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce made a Chocolate Lamington weighing 2,361kg, setting a new Guinness World Record. Pieces of this record breaking Lamington were cut up and sold to raise money for the local children's hospital foundation. The Quality Desserts record beat a previous record attempt by Ipswich City Council in 2009, which was made during a visit to Australia by Lord Lamington's Great Grandson and Niece. They achieved a weight of 1,360kg.

Lamington is also a suburb of Western Australian outback town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

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