Lambeth Waterworks Company

The Lambeth Waterworks Company was a utility company supplying water to parts of south London in England. The company was established in 1785 with works in north Lambeth and became part of the publicly owned Metropolitan Water Board in 1903.

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Seething Wells
... The beds and converted waterworks are part of one of the Royal Borough of Kingston's Conservation Areas ... The Lambeth Waterworks Company anticipated this by building their works at Seething Wells which were completed and opened in 1852, the same year as ... Another company - the Chelsea Waterworks Company - joined the Lambeth Waterworks Company here ...
London Water Supply Infrastructure - Nineteenth Century - Metropolis Water Act
... and wholesome water." Under the Act, it became unlawful for any water company to extract water for domestic use from the tidal reaches of the Thames after 31 August 1855, and from 31 December 1855 all such water ... The Chelsea Waterworks Company and the Lambeth Waterworks Company, who shared the services of James Simpson, established facilities at Seething Wells between ... In the mid 19th century the East London Waterworks Company purchased the Coppermill at Walthamstow and modified it to drive a water pump to assist in the building of reservoirs on ...

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