Lambeth Group

The Lambeth Group is a stratigraphic group, a set of geological rock strata in the London and Hampshire Basins of southern England. It comprises a complex of vertically and laterally varying gravels, sands, silts and clays deposited between 56-55 million years before present during the Ypresian age (lower Eocene). It is found throughout the London Basin with a thickness between 10m and 30m and the Hampshire Basin with a thickness between 50m and less than 25m. Surface outcrops are present only on the outskirts of these, however, that the Lambeth Group underlies some 25% of London at a depth of less than 30m means the formation is of great engineering interest for tunnelling and foundations.

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Lambeth Group - Stratigraphic Relationship
... Except in the Hampshire basin the Lambeth Group usually rests on the Thanet Sand Formation, but they are found on the Chalk Group near Bromley, Charlton ... the Harwich Formation, the oldest formation of the Thames Group ...
London Basin - Sedimentary Infill and Stratigraphy
... On top of the Thanet Sand Formation lies the Lambeth Group, which was deposited in a coastal plain and/or adjacent shallow sea water during the late Thanetian and early Ypresian ages ... The Lambeth Group consists of the Upnor Formation, the Woolwich Formation and the Reading Formation ... The Lambeth Group is overlain by the Thames Group, which consists of two formations ...

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