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The History Of Tom Jones, A Foundling - Plot Summary - Book XV
... Lady Bellaston is now determined to get Sophia out of the way ... from the play, Lord Fellamar, approaches Lady Bellaston and declares his love for Sophia, and she says she will promote his cause with her father, although pointing out that he has a rival for her ... Bellaston and Fellamar then hatch a plan for the latter to ravish Sophia the next evening whilst the servants are out of the house and whilst Lady Bellaston is in an apartment distant from the scene ...
Age Disparity In Sexual Relationships - In Literature
... But Tom's love for Sophia is nearly thwarted by the selfish desires of Lady Bellaston, a much older woman who takes Tom as a lover ... Because Tom is penniless and Lady Bellaston is very wealthy, she holds much of the power in the relationship ... Conversely, Tom's willingness to sleep with Lady Bellaston, and even accept presents from her, is hardly condemned by the author at all ...

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