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Frame Of Reference - Different Aspects of "frame of Reference" - Measurement Apparatus
... A further aspect of a frame of reference is the role of the measurement apparatus (for example, clocks and rods) attached to the frame (see Norton quote above) ... In physics experiments, the frame of reference in which the laboratory measurement devices are at rest is usually referred to as the laboratory frame or simply "lab frame ... The lab frame in some experiments is an inertial frame, but it is not required to be (for example the laboratory on the surface of the Earth in many physics experiments is not ...
Center-of-momentum Frame - Two-body Problem
... An example of the usage of this frame is given below – in a two-body collision, not necessarily elastic (where kinetic energy is conserved) ... The COM frame can be used to find the momentum of the particles much easier than in a lab frame the frame where the measurement or calculation is done ... The transformations are applied to take the velocity of the frame from the velocity of each particle from the lab frame (unprimed quantities) to the COM frame (primed quantities) where V is the ...

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