La Paz Waterfall

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La Paz Waterfall, Costa Rica
... La Paz (Spanish "the peace") is a waterfall in central Costa Rica ... In Spanish, it is known as Catarata de La Paz ... The waterfall is located immediately alongside the road from Alajuela that leads to the northern plains of Costa Rica ...

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    Just as a waterfall grows slower and more lightly suspended as it plunges down, so the great man of action tends to act with greater calmness than his tempestuous desires prior to the deed would lead one to expect.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Cubism had been an analysis of the object and an attempt to put it before us in its totality; both as analysis and as synthesis, it was a criticism of appearance. Surrealism transmuted the object, and suddenly a canvas became an apparition: a new figuration, a real transfiguration.
    —Octavio Paz (b. 1914)