La Forge

La Forge may refer to:

  • La Forge, Vosges, a commune in Vosges, France
  • Geordi La Forge, a fictional character in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Louis de La Forge, a 17th century French philosopher

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List Of Star Trek Characters (A–F) - Characters From All Series, Listed Alphabetically - B
... Bochra stalks and captures Geordi La Forge, who sarcastically nicknames him "Commodore." However, when the planet's electromagnetic storms wreak havoc with Bochra's metabolism and La ... a crisis on board the Enterprise-D, chief engineer Geordi La Forge created a holodeck representation of Brahms, and later used her mission logs to create a personality for the ... A year later, La Forge met the real Brahms, who found out about the holodeck program La Forge had created, and turned hostile ...
Timescape (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - Plot
... Captain Picard, Counselor Troi, Chief Engineer La Forge, and Lt ... Data and La Forge modify a set of personal force fields to nullify the temporal effects, and they transport aboard the ships to try to investigate the situation ... La Forge spots a Romulan that wasn't in the same place as before the Romulan suddenly touches him, shocking them both ...
Geordi La Forge
... Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge /ˈdʒɔrdi ləˈfɔrdʒ/ is a main character in the television series Star Trek The Next Generation and its feature films, played by LeVar Burton ... La Forge is naturally blind so one of his trademarks in the series is wearing a VISOR, which is later replaced by ocular prosthetic implants in the last three ...
La Forge, Vosges
... La Forge, Vosges is a commune in the Vosges department in Lorraine in northeastern France. ...
Geordi La Forge - Character Back Story - Alternate Time Lines
... In the alternate timeline of TNG series finale "All Good Things...", La Forge has, by 2395, married Leah Brahms and had three children (Alandra, Brett, and Sydney) with her ... In the alternate 2390 future in Star Trek Voyager's "Timeless", La Forge is a captain and the commanding officer of the USS Challenger, doing his best to stop Harry Kim and ... Despite trying his best to stop them, La Forge is sympathetic to their actions and even offers a full pardon if they stop ...

Famous quotes containing the word forge:

    None can re-enter there—
    No thief so politic,
    No Satan with a royal trick
    Steal in by window, chink, or hole,
    To bind or unbind, add what lacked,
    Insert a leaf, or forge a name,
    New-face or finish what is packed,
    Alter or mend eternal fact.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)